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Although the content here was only half the length of War and Peace, one third of the length of the Bible, it represented a lifetime’s research into my subjects – Clairvoyance, Enlightenment and Ancient Egypt. So I will explain what prompted me to remove it.

I had written a fair amount about Truth and Justice but not enough about Wisdom. Without wisdom both truth and justice can be abused, indeed separated. I think this may be the most important lesson of all for those aspiring to enlightenment.

In WW2 there was a man nicknamed Lord Haw-Haw. He broadcast from Germany to Britain and her allies and during my youth these broadcasts were deemed the epitome of propaganda. During the war morale was extremely important and we must recall how before the war was declared there was a lot of resistance in Britain against engaging in another war. It was only twenty years since the end of WW1 and every village and almost every family had lost some of their darlings in that. What is more there was a certain amount of support in the country for Hitler. Even the young king who abdicated had been his admirer. But when war was declared the country needed to come together to fight it. These admirers must have been shocked when at its end the horror of the death camps was revealed, however they must have known that Germany was repressive, arresting many innocent people and occupying with great force its neighbouring countries.

In our current world, which is as they so ’polarised’, we find that both sides of the various political issues that divide us tend to ignore some things and glorify others. It is natural after all. We do this about our football teams too. If anything the support for one side seems to encourage the ‘demonisation’ of the other and lowering the morale of your opponent is certainly seen as fair game. Polarising and demonising have become buzz words in our society of late but they have always existed side by side.

During WW2 many listened to Lord Haw-Haw although the man was a traitor. News was limited if not exactly censored and often Haw-Haw’s radio programme was where people first discovered certain allied losses. When in 1941 HMS Hood was destroyed with almost all hands (3 survived out of 1421) it was exactly the kind of news that Haw-Haw liked to present. This was a battleship considered almost invincible and the tragic loss of life was devastating for our country at that time. We all know how attitudes to war falter as body bags return. So it is that truth can sometimes be employed to support injustice. This is why there is such uproar at present about propaganda and fake news, even websites that are deemed to be agents of Russia. Governments rightly become very concerned when the truth is provided by those who obviously have a different agenda to the official line. And even if we do not agree with that official line we have to understand that. Certainly we cannot ignore the death camps wherever they exist and for whatever reasons, but it is a very difficult balance for those who have their eyes open. After all what do the enlightened feel about national interests, even personal interests and vested interests? They may be against war, even put themselves above the level of politics but they have a responsibility if the truth they espouse is used to undermine a nation that refuses to allow death camps and what are politely called ‘purges’.

I have often known times when someone is not, and should not be, told the truth of some situation. It is easiest seen with children. I must have been about eight when I heard the word prostitute mentioned on television and asked my dad what it meant. How flustered he was at that. But even sometimes a medical prognosis may be fairly withheld, or at least that done with the best intentions for a patient. I have also known many instances when so called friends have told someone that for example their girlfriend or boyfriend is being unfaithful to them. This can have a devastating effect and we need wisdom at such times. Perhaps the truth is too hard to bear but perhaps our reaction to it is too hard. A marriage may break up when in fact it was just going through a rocky patch. An infidelity that is known by one and all is rather different to one which is merely suspected in the relationship. No one wants to be branded a cuckold by their community and communities can be very cruel.

But when we come to the much used term ‘national interest’ we face quite a difficult choice. To what extent do we need our governments to work in secret and to lock up files on their activities for a hundred years? In our modern age that can seem very unreasonable if not downright suspicious. However this raises a huge problem. Who can fairly deem what is in the ’national interest’? Certainly it cannot be someone who is polarised. Their tendency will be to make public anything that embarrasses their opponent and hide whatever embarrasses themselves. And as the mud is slung in the open so inevitably national interest is threatened.

We have exactly this situation in the world today on any number of fronts from Brexit to the civil wars that have erupted for various reasons, to the cold war and threat of WW3. And this is exactly why wisdom may need to exercise some restraint on the unvarnished truth being told. So it is that conspiracy sites that may not always know the truth but speculate, and as the truth emerges capitalise on it, are under the microscope. Our polarised factions tend to see them as the enemy. They may well have the best intentions as far as seeking truth and justice but is that what results from leaks? After all speculation tends to be what motivates great injustice too, witch hunts through the ages for example of perfectly innocent men and women suspected of working for the devil.

I have an instinctive dislike of propaganda. I also take exception to some of the outright lies that religions proclaim as great truths. But I also have a responsibility, as do we all. I had written here many times that the world cannot stand the truth. Unless we can act responsibly or with a degree of wisdom and restraint nor can any of us. Illusion and injustice reign almost supreme in our world and the real work is to inch towards a more acceptable or enlightened way. Certainly all our lives are threatened at present by any number of factors which include nuclear war and climate change. But panic and anarchy can do the job of destroying our world just as well.

I had a strange dream last night that took me a few minutes to work out. I dreamed that I was looking at my wife’s mock exam questions. She has a lot of these. One caught my eye and I was reading it but then it vanished and I had to search through reams of paper to find it again. It seemed a bit silly as a question even in the dream. Basically the question was about a nun who was responsible for a group of children one of whom had a medical condition unknown to the others. It had been suggested to the nun that in the interests of security, and as the telephone system might not be secure, she should contact the pharmacy about the child’s medication by radio. This she did. The question was what would be the difference between the US and the UK in this instance.

Now even in the dream, and before I awoke and tried to analyse it deep in the night, it was fairly clear to me that this was a prank by whoever suggested that the nun use radio. It would be citizens’ band radio such as lorry drivers use and which was popular in the 1980’s. Apart from the fact that no pharmacy would have such a thing and that the telephone system is far more secure and private, the prank would mean that the children could listen in to the call and discover the condition that one of them suffered. I also knew in the dream that the answer to the question was that in the US there was a greater likelihood of litigation by the parents of that child than in the UK. But it was certainly a curious if not fatuous question. The other thing I noted was that the nun was called Sister Theresa.

My analysis more or less confirmed what I have been writing about here today. If we consider the nun to be a well meaning and enlightened person she was nevertheless naïve, certainly about modern life. Clearly she subscribed to the view that someone is listening in to all our telephone conversations but she did not realise that the cb radio is even more public. Nor did she realise that the person urging her caution was in fact the very person who wanted her to divulge this secret. It was of course intended as a lesson to me although I had already removed the content from this site.

My blog was never viewed by many people. What I noticed was that I had received about as many spam comments as I had views. That implies that the views were not from people seeking to learn what I knew about my subjects but from people who were saying what a great site, it should go viral but you need to use this or that method to achieve this. That was of no interest to me and indeed my suspicions about such comments were confirmed when I discovered that they post these comments on every blog and website, and that they are probably not even people doing so but what we call bots. Computer programmes used to attract people to some website for any number of reasons, some I assume quite devious. I wrote my blog to put what I knew ‘on the record’ and there it is somewhere on the great computer database of no interest to anyone but accessible perhaps to the future. That is quite enough for me. There are billions of us who express our opinions and those opinions are only that but collectively they say so much about our world and culture and for historians in the future, even if they are all bots then, these will be like the layers uncovered by our archaeologists when excavating Ancient Egyptian sites.

What I certainly do not wish is for those opinions to add substance to our polarised factions, to undermine anyone in fact and least of all our nations’ interests or those allied to us. Opening our eyes is the first step to enlightenment but acquiring the wisdom to use them is even more important and requires us to heed our karmic responsibilities – real justice. I am no fan of our politicians however I am extremely grateful to them all for maintaining what stability we have in an otherwise chaotic world. In my opinion the UK is the great stability on our planet and the US the only reason that we are still able to express ourselves so freely. These nations may be far from perfect but are certainly closer to perfection than most others. That I would rather live in Scotland than anywhere else on earth may be another way of saying that and I can say it with my eyes open.

I know we have done terrible things. Even during WW2 we used great violence against any number of civilians. But that was a fight for the soul of the human and humanity was the eventual winner. We have avoidable poverty in our world but it seems that is the price we pay for stability. If we tip over too far we have revolution and that is always a bloody and unjust affair. It we tip too far the other way we have war and great repression. Staying upright is no mean feat and requires a certain duplicity in our leaders. I had written in recent weeks about Chamberlain and Churchill who are very good examples and clearly we have a debt as a species to them, for all their faults. We are still doing terrible things however we are still striving to stay upright in a very difficult environment. It is very easy to criticise and very hard to defend unless we are wise. The truth is dreadful, injustice is rife but if humanity is to survive its great challenge we must heed its national interests. In reality none of us know very much about what is boiling below the surface but the threats to survival are clear.

In Ancient Rome the temple of Janus opened its doors in time of war and closed them again during peacetime. There is a lesson in this too. We may be about to enter a time of great war between mighty nations and if so things change in our spiritual world too. We do not wish to see our planet destroyed but nor do we wish to see our hard earned culture and freedoms taken away. I am sure that in the 1930’s I would have been one of the people urging our country to avoid war at all costs. But as soon as war was declared I would have been urging us to win it. This is what the two faced Janus was about. It is heartbreaking for a man of peace to have to pick up his gun and many movies have been made about that. In the movies he usually does it to defend his own or to defeat injustice. We all need wisdom at such a time. It is hard to prune a rosebush or cull a flock too but if it is done for the health or survival of the species it is a difficult task that is essential. Our eyes must be open to this, especially at this time. But we must always be aware that after the war we will be judged by history and must ensure that we have a genuine defence for our actions. If we have acted dishonestly and heavy handedly then we must face the consequences but if we have acted to protect humanity that will be deemed necessary and justifiable.



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