Humans are a curious species for many reasons. That is to say they exhibit profound differences from the other species. My remaining cat and dogs are intelligent as was my parrot. They can be very suspicious and the Afghan hound has a trait that most of that breed share – he is a master thief carefully waiting for a moment when he can pinch something.

I put food out for the birds and the bird feeders attract many. As a result that also attracts my cat who sits underneath the tree but does not take the birds. She just seems to watch them. They know she is there but stay out of reach. However this raises an interesting point about our species.

No other species is quite as adept at trapping others. Humans may use actual traps and snares which are concealed. They may leave food out, even poison. And there is the honey trap – a jar with some sweet substance that attracts and traps wasps. There are many other kinds of traps but the principle is the same. Mouse traps usually offer a small piece of cheese. Fishermen bait their hooks. And we can sometimes get people to say something by luring them into a false sense of security.

This may all seem obvious and a result of evolution in the human hunter but it also has a spiritual base. The book in the bible called Job is a good example. This is a short synopsis:

“The Book of Job begins with an introduction to Job’s character—he is described as a blessed man who lived righteously in the Land of Uz. The Lord’s praise of Job prompted Satan to challenge Job’s integrity, suggesting that Job served God simply because God protected him. God removed Job’s protection, allowing Satan to take his wealth, his children, and his physical health (but not his life) in order to test Job’s character. Despite his difficult circumstances, he did not curse God, but rather cursed the day of his birth. And although he anguished over his plight, he stopped short of accusing God of injustice…..God, acknowledging these virtues in Job, then rebuked the three friends and gave them instruction for remission of sin, followed by Job being restored to an even better condition than his former wealthy state. Job 42:10-17 Job was also blessed to have seven sons, and three daughters named Jemimah (which means “dove”), Keziah (“cinnamon”), and Keren-happuch (“horn of eye-makeup”). His daughters were said to be the most beautiful women in the land. “After this, Job lived another hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations.” Job 42:16

The characters in the Book of Job consist of Job, his wife, his three friends, a man named Elihu, God, Satan and the sons of God.” Wikipedia

In fact the Book of Job is usually held out as an example of patience but for me the central theme is the baiting of the poor man. Now ignoring whether he was a real historical character as some claim, or a literary device as claimed by others, what is extraordinary is to see God and the devil working together on his case, even being on speaking terms. This is not the only mention of such a curious partnership. The Garden of Eden for example is another test for man and in it is the serpent or Satan tempting Eve and thus Adam. Whether the author considered that God knew what the outcome would be or not is also debateable because this is the know all God.

We can add a few more from biblical sources:

Judges 9:23 – “God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the citizens of Shechem, who acted treacherously against Abimelech.”

1Samuel 16:14 -” Now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him”.

There is also the Satan who appears to Jesus and tempts him. In that case he offers him kingship over the world in exchange for his service. It is a trap or temptation yet again and sums up a spiritual situation, one that we must all face.

The lovely birds that come to the feeder in the tree are very suspicious. They take ages checking out the area and often post a guard. I wish my dogs were a bit more suspicious about food left in the park or on the pavement. And we should be suspicious about certain traps as we head for enlightenment.

The first trap is something I noticed when practising clairvoyance. So many of the men I met believed they were the messiah and almost many of the women I met who had partners seemed to have a partner who believed this. It took a little teasing out of them but these messiahs are often looking for someone like me to ‘recognise’ them if not to follow them.

If you are a person living a fairly normal life why would you think you are the messiah? Well you wouldn’t but it seems as soon as you step onto the quest for spiritual powers you encounter this temptation. It has its own defined complex too:

“A messiah complex (also known as the Christ complex or savior complex) is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that he or she is, or is destined to become, a savior.

The term “messiah complex” is not addressed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), as it is not a clinical term nor diagnosable disorder, however, the symptoms of the disorder closely resemble those found in individuals suffering from grandiose delusions or delusions of grandeur. This form of delusional belief is most often reported in patients suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. When a messiah complex is manifested within a religious individual after a visit to Jerusalem, it may be identified as a psychosis known as Jerusalem syndrome” Wikipedia

In the old days the asylums had many people who believed they were Napoleon, now they have many who maintain they are Jesus. But I am interested in those who have not been diagnosed as insane yet sincerely believe that they are some chosen one. All I can say about this is that the title messiah or saviour can only go to someone who has done that work, not before they do it. However these days there is also the possibility in ‘believing’ one is the reincarnation of a saviour. I have met quite a few men claiming to have been Solomon, Jesus or King Arthurs in a previous life. Women who were Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth 1 have also mentioned this to me.

This is a trap put out by your own inner life to determine your motives and whether you can be trusted with any spiritual powers at all. I am extremely suspicious of ’belief’ which is no substitute for either knowledge or common sense and often looks more like gullibility. It is extraordinary how all of us can suspend common sense to accept such matters without any evidence at all except some internal dialogue. It is just as much a trap to ’recognise’ this in someone else. The followers of Gurus who boast a long line of illustrious historical characters often seem to vanish into that abyss. Just be aware that this test will come for you pretty soon after you set out on your spiritual path. The church is full of secret messiahs and when you know that you will indeed recognise them by their actions, words and that ‘look’ in their eyes. It takes one to know one perhaps. Beware. They will usually want to suck you into that madness too.

There is another honey pot allegedly used by intelligence services to entrap people. It may be some lurid extra marital session that they secretly film and then use against that unwary person. All politicians should be aware of such things but vanity seems to make it possible time and again.

But it is the spiritual quest that I am concerned with and there are many traps and blind alleys ahead for all of us when we embark on that. I spent many years investigating what seemed to be the most fruitful paths only to find the authors and sign posts to be deceitful. We must never assume that the gurus really do have anything more than good conjuring skills and a vast amount of second hand knowledge.

In my own case I have encountered many traps and fallen into quite a few of them. It can take years to emerge. One example concerned what I maintain were communications with clairvoyant people in the past, that is while they were still alive. Because I wanted some proof that I was not quite deluded I asked many of them to leave something for me, some record or mark of our meeting. I would not have been upset had these meditations been imaginary but more and more physical evidence did appear in response to this request when I started looking for it. They were only people like me and finding my name recorded back then or some of the things we discussed would not mean anything to anyone else. It certainly should not convince anyone else. However in some cases over time, centuries or thousands of years, the stories of our meetings grew exponentially. Some eventually made me out as some major supernatural villain but others interpreted me as some kind of deity if not a messiah. The most reasonable and accurate records of our chats that they left are those they buried deep and which archaeologists have found only recently. I knew I was just like those who were able to see me in their fireplaces, water or crystal balls. But keeping my feet on the ground was sometimes difficult as it is quite pleasant to think you are something more. That was tempered by worry that I was something bad. But it is all a trap. We know in our own hearts what we are and have plenty of evidence for that, our own lives.

But while we are at it let me explain something odd about that. My ancient friends described me in various ways just for some of the things about me that they noticed. Obviously they knew me to be clairvoyant like them as that is how we communicated. They saw me as a white man, and because my father saw to it that I was circumcised they noted that too. They knew he was a priests and had baptised or anointed me. There are billion s of us who have been baptised. But that is what ’masiah’ or messiah actually means – anointed. It is just that some of these records have been taken and used by others for their own purposes for thousands of years. Kings and queens are anointed. Baptism is an interesting ritual but it does not make you a super hero. Like all the others seekers I could have fallen into that trap but wanted more than wishful thinking to support the notion.

I will also add something about clairvoyants. My experience with those that really do have this gift is that they tend to be ordinary and humble. They know they are not super heroes and have work to do. They can see things most cannot and are usually shown things that they are asked not to reveal. In a way that is a test for them and also a trap. Start telling what you are asked not to and you will not have anything real to tell. Try to make money out of this and see what happens to the gift. Most mind readers and charlatans are much more convincing than real clairvoyants and quite a few started with some genuine ability but lost it.

Your honesty will be tested too. I am sure that I failed this test many times earlier in my life and perhaps that is why although I felt ready for something I was often told it was too soon. As a boy I would not have wanted to wait until I was almost 70 to find out what I wanted to know but some vessels can hold precious substances and some cannot. As for honesty a classic test might be to see some old woman drop a twenty pound note. You see it lying there unnoticed and it happens at a time you really need it. What do you do? Your inner life wants to know if it can trust you. If it cannot trust you with some poor widow’s savings it cannot trust you can it? This is the sort of thing shown to us after we die which fills us with shame. I will have quite a lot of such things to endure I am sure. I was a bit like my Afghan hound once, watching and waiting to pounce on some titbit. Could I be trusted with the wife of a friend? Someone’s secret? Can you?



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