Long before 3000BC the magnificent temple complex in Malta had been constructed where massive stones were exquisitely carved and there you will find the enigmatic spirals which appear in one form or another all over the world. There are also reliefs of animals. Reliefs are not easy to produce as they stand out from the background stone but these are extraordinary for any age let alone 5000 years ago. If you want a look you can see them here:

Before I deleted everything here last year I had written about the pointed skulls found there too:

“Many ancient megalithic structures exist in Malta and one of them is the ‘Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni’, a subterranean structure with magnificent properties that is more than 5,000 years old. The Hypogeum (a Greek word meaning ‘underground’) is supposed to be the oldest prehistoric underground temple in the world…..One particularly interesting fact about the Hypogeum is that when it was discovered, 7,000 skeletons were found piled within the chambers. What’s more is that they had a unique characteristic – elongated skulls – and one of the skulls (out of only a handful that survived) lacked the Fossa median (the join that runs along the top of the skull). It is known that some of the skulls were on display in the Archaeological Museum in Valletta. However, after 1985 all the skulls that had been found in the Hypogeum, along with other elongated skulls found across multiple ancient sites in Malta, disappeared without a trace, and have never been recovered. What remains to testify their existence and their abnormality are the photos of Dr Anton Mifsud , and his colleague Dr Charles Savona Ventura, and their books detailing the abnormalities of the skulls, including: elongation, abnormally developed temporal partitions, and drilled and swollen occiputs. Supporting the finding is an extract written in the National Geographic magazine in the 1920s describing the first inhabitants of Malta as a race with elongated skulls

But I am not really writing about Malta today. Big stones – megaliths are found all over the world. Carnac has thousands of them in lines of standing stones, over 10,000 some dating from 4500BC. In the Golan Heights is the temple of Rephaim, mentioned as giants in the bible. Here are over 42000 basalt rocks painstakingly cut carried up this hill to build the circular structure with an entrance facing the winter solstice and dating back to 3000BC.

In Egypt there are many large stones including those within and making up the pyramids of 2600BC. But the obelisks are breath taking. The oldest found is the 120 ton Sesostris 1 granite obelisk dating to around 2000Bc, quarried and carried up the Nile then erected. The largest is 455 tons and now standing in Rome, over 100 feet long.

Another big stone is in Lebanon. at Baalbek they used stones weighing between 300 and 1000 tons to build their temple, a weight that even now would be a major challenge to move.

But the stones I want to mention today are less well known. One is on my doorstep in a place where we walk our dogs. It is a beautiful place with burns or streams crossing it and ancient paths. Here is the Cochno stone which was found in 1887 but reburied and only last year uncovered for a short time to study, then buried again. They bury it because it already has some modern graffiti – initials carved into the stone. It is vast – over 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. And it is covered with symbols which have defied any interpretation – perhaps early language, star maps, local maps, religious symbols – they have no idea. Anyway hopefully you will look at these very old photos of it to get an idea:

And if you did you may have noticed what they suggest are 4 toed feet. Now have a look at this stone:

This is a similar huge stone but has ‘feet’ with 3 and 6 toes and is right across the world. It is the Judaculla Rock in North Carolina, about 240 square feet which like Cochno has cup marks, over 1400 of them, and is dated over 3000 years ago. No oen can be sure.

What is sure is that these stones predate writing and were left for generations to come. That is why they used such massive rocks, things they did not think anyone would move or steal and why they wrote in stone. You are very intelligent so what are they trying to tell you? What are these many spirals all over the world and feet with odd numbered toes?



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