Separation and enlightenment

Selah may or may not mean separation, no one else thinks it does. But I should explain how separation is the cure for most of our problems and leads to enlightenment. So first it helps to give some examples.

We have to separate dangerous bacteria from our food and from the conditions in which they flourish – warm, wet substances that can decompose for example which is why we put food in the fridge. We also have to separate bacteria from our blood vessels.

If you want to make meringue or souffle you must separate the white of eggs from the yolk and ensure no yolk remains in the mix or woe betide the finished product.

We need to separate violent criminals from society which was the idea of prisons. Now of course we have many innocents in prison and many gangsters outside running criminal enterprises even some nations and corporations, but that is part of the problem. At times the prisons and camps have been filled with entirely innocent people – dissidents or certain ethnicities for example, and those outside were almost all vicious criminals or complicit in their antisocial activities. Then that was all of the problem.

‘One bad apple’ they say which implies that one corrupt officer in an organisation can poison the whole.

Whatever sample you take of humans, from a small group to the entirety of humanity you can put on a graph. For example we might plot their heights and find at one end the shortest and at the other end the tallest specimens. We might plot them according to IQ or even what we deem to be good and bad. It is this last graph that is most interesting if it were remotely possible to do so without subjective and biased judgements. But let us pretend that we can and at one end we have the most evil specimens at any time and at the other the saints of our societies. In the middle are those with a bit of both or without either, neither good nor bad.

We can also divide this sample between those with enlightenment and those with various degrees of blindness. These might be those people who lack any introspection and who do not look into matters upon which they act. ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’ they say. A man considers that an invasion is absolutely necessary and lies repeatedly to enable that to happen. A million people are killed before the lie is uncovered. That man may have acted with his eyes open or closed. Either way on the scale of good to evil he is closer to the most evil men and women in history. But where is he on the enlightenment scale? Is he so vain that he really could not see what he was doing, and even now what he has done? Is it remotely possible that he was actually right and the many who criticise him are blind to that? We do not know but history and the afterlife will judge.

As far as selah is concerned it is the separation that is important. Separating the evil from the good, so that it does not corrupt it, was the reasoning behind creating monasteries and nunneries cut off from the outside world. It is why gardeners weed their gardens. Why we shut the windows and turn off the ventilation when we are following some vehicle belching out noxious fumes. But how it helps enlightenment and can save our planet may be harder to see.

I think we can see how one lie can cause absolute devastation. Whether there really is global warming derived from the use of fossil fuels is a good example and whether this is leading to the extinction of humanity. One lie here can end us all. One lie can lead to World War 3. One lie can put an innocent person in prison for life or lead to a death penalty. The point is that it only takes one small thing to poison the whole barrel. But at this point we must also note how one truth cannot save it. Blood poisoning is not cured by adding more uninfected blood, but it is caused by adding some tiny amount of toxin to the blood, especially if it is a rapidly multiplying bacterium.

So for the enlightened it is essential to separate fact from fiction and it is extremely difficult in our world. We are brought up to believe many fictions and for one reason or another many truths are demonised. A current one is the suggestion that poverty could be alleviated by taxing the rich. This we are told by economists is a myth and would have the opposite effect. Poverty they say can only be alleviated by the creation of wealth and this is only possible by nations having affordable labour. Moreover they maintain this needs the best leaders in industries which will only be possible by attracting them with the highest salary packages imaginable Without great wealth investors will not be able to fund these corporations that create the wealth that can eliminate poverty. But the cynical say that only by having poverty can wages be driven down thus creating wealth for the investors and leaders. Certainly ‘inequality’ is not diminishing by using the economist’s current model. Wealth is certainly being created but not reaching the poorest for a multitude of reasons.

If we looked at the graph from our own point of view we would probably not agree on the most evil people in our history. Genghis Khan had his men kill a million men, women and children before breakfast one day. Alexander the Great had many towns destroyed, the men killed, the children and women sold into slavery or massacred too. I doubt they would be on many lists. Hitler might be on most but Mao is said to have deliberately caused 40 million Chinese to starve to death and probably would not be on many lists. Some still regard him as a hero. Hopefully you can see the problem – we call it politics.

Now look at the graph from the standpoint of all humanity, even Creation. Here we would find at the evil end those who have destroyed our world, and who have made it impossible not only for billions and billions of humans to follow us here but for the human to reach its true potential. But these people would not be on any lists, most of us do not even know who they are as they are the anonymous heads whose organisations are raping our planet possibly just for profits. That may sound extreme but it is very extreme as far as the spirit of the human is concerned, a situation unique to now.

Would any of them have acted in this way if they were aware of the dread welcome awaiting them in the afterlife where for example the victims of poverty and our wars scream for justice and revenge? Would they change if they realised that their ancestors are disgraced by them and being sent to the same places of punishment that these ones will discover eventually imprison them? The good are certainly separated from the evil when they die. If that is what you get for one lie and you knew it then you would not tell it. They may be blind and have had the best intentions but as the great statement in this country proclaims ’ignorance of the law is no excuse’. It belongs in the afterlife.

On the other end of the scale are those we call saviours. They may be very different to each other but in their lives they will have protected all species here, our planet and humanity. We may not even know who they are because most of them work in hidden ways, as influences usually. I mentioned monasteries above but the problem they have is that they insist on various beliefs that have no relation to the truth. We can hypnotise ourselves to believe all sorts of ridiculous things, things that we have never witnessed ourselves and know conflict with the laws of nature that we understand but if a ‘god’ is involved suddenly those laws are replaced by stories that range from Santa Claus to Jack and the Beanstalk and the many tall tales hawked by major religions. If we do hypnotise ourselves with constant repetition, all night vigils, chanting, candlelight and fasting then we will certainly develop spirituality if it is based in deception it does not lead to enlightenment.

So let us look at the enlightenment graph again. The blind are easy to find, most of us are. But at one end are those who can see and who help others to open their eyes and at the other end are those who cannot see and make it their life’s work to ensure no one else does either. These are the ones who deceive and sadly many religions in our history have insisted that their followers accept nonsense as truth and never open their eyes to question this. If you are responsible for blinding billions you are right out there at the extreme.

Now how this understanding can help enlighten us is all to do with ‘selah’ We cannot cut ourselves off from illusion because our lives are built upon it. But we can start to separate the truths we painstakingly discover from the lies that surround and have programmed us from birth. You do not need to be a dissident to do this, just honest to yourself. Honest about what you are doing, why you are doing it and what side you are on as a result.

Humanity and Creation want justification more than anything else. But humanity cannot easily be justified because in its short existence it has resulted in the devastation of this world, its species and nature. Humanity is unnecessarily cruel and allows unnecessary suffering for most of its populations. On the other hand it has produced some remarkable and wonderful people, the enlightened ones over the ages, the saviours and some good, decent and honest men and women. If separated from the opposite they allow some justification. This is what we have in our gardens. The flowers and plants we nurture grow in soil which is decomposition and corruption. In other words ‘good’ grows on evil, enlightenment grows from the blind. You cannot have one end of the graph without the other.

The needless destruction of earth and its species is the greatest danger to Creation and what we call humanity. Those that are doing this have made the most potent enemies and karma for themselves but of course do not know that. The work of the enlightened is to try to tell them and to help them put it right before it is too late for them and everyone else. Another great saying concerns ‘the blind leading the blind‘. Sadly the blind do not know whether they are led by the blind or not – until they fall off the cliff. That is when they cry for justice against their leaders. Telling our leaders of the dangers they are creating for themselves should be the role of our religions – it was always the role of the shamen in our ancient tribes. But our religions are led by the blind, leaders whose main concern these days is respectability and financial solvency. They are prepared to comfort our various leaders of nations and industries with nonsense, the same nonsense they preach to their followers to keep them on board. Our media also bears a massive karmic responsibility for misleading our world, mostly for what they do not say. Whether their main interest is selling newspapers or protecting the financial interests of their owners is hard to say. But they of course are in as much trouble as all the others who have allowed us to reach the edge of a precipice by denying the fact. This is the real ‘fall’ of mankind.

Unless you know something do not believe it but learn as much about it as you can. Let your judgements be based on the evidence of your own eyes. Of course you do not know it all and have to trust experts but make sure they are not selling you short. Do you trust the second hand car salesman? Your attitude to him is the kind of attitude you need about anyone you do not know and I am sorry to say that those closest to you are often quite different to how you see them. Practising clairvoyance for years taught me the most extraordinary things about ordinary men and women. If we cannot practise mental fidelity ourselves we should not expect it of our partners, let alone our leaders. By carefully separating truth from deception you will suddenly find one day that your eyes are open. When your eyes are open you become of the greatest use and benefit to Creation and Humanity. Selah.

If you looked at those big stones I mentioned below and saw the feet with odd numbered toes I wonder if you came to the same conclusion as me. I will discuss the many cup marks and spirals another day but the feet are fairly simple in my opinion. We use them as a unit of measurement and probably always have. Our feet are not all the same length but nor are our arms and the ‘cubit’ is based on the length of the forearm from elbow to middle finger. Measuring a distance we can use feet if we place them one after the other or we can use a stride which is a yard, three feet. Smaller units would be the width of our fingers which across the knuckles are about an inch – twelve in a foot. These are very basic measurements all over the world. If the foot has four toes it may be saying 4 feet. So the two feet may be saying move eight feet in the direction they are pointing and see what is there.



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