Reaching our full human potential is almost impossible but it can still be glimpsed. We are used to people reaching their athletic or intellectual potential if we measure these against athletic records and IQ ratings. But they are a tiny part of what the human is capable of.

I have written here about hypnosis. Not a lot is known about this even now but some things stand out. People put under hypnosis have some rather extraordinary physical abilities. Back in the 1840’s the Scottish surgeon James Braid noted that hearing is increased 32 fold, smell also greatly enhanced and pain suppressed. Some hypnotised people have been found not to bleed and hypnotherapy gained a good reputation for helping surgery by minimising the bleeding of those under its care. Hypnosis can remove warts. What else it can do we do not really know but it certainly makes it easier to remember things. There are also problems with it but my intention is just to point out how our bodies have capabilities we do not access routinely.

I recall a story that a woman picked up a car that had run down her child! Some say it was a bus.

Whether we accept the reality of clairvoyance and telepathy, if true this is another extraordinary ability of the human. Intuition and instinct certainly are. I may be more biased in this respect than most because I practised clairvoyance for many years and met many other clairvoyants. I am sure most readers here have had flashes, known when a phone was about to ring, was thinking of someone as they rang etc. My own evidence long ago convinced me, as did my father‘s occasional ability to dream of a racehorse winning a race the following day. Which brings me to the greatest frontier of all in the human.

We spend much of our lives asleep and cannot do without it. But what happens in that time is pretty much unknown to us. The body repairs and restores itself in that time and we may awaken with snatches of dreams we have had but even if we do they represent a tiny percentage of that time we are asleep. There is technology that seeks to explore this hidden world and to make our dreams lucid but it certainly does not release the potential we have here.

It is often said that we only use a fraction of our brain.

Some people in history appear to have had fated lives and great destinies. Our religions certainly tell us of men and women who have had the most extraordinary abilities and powers whether or not these stories are true. Some men and women are famous for their healing powers.

I often come across people who spend a few hours a week in the gym developing their muscles or who go jogging every day. But over my life I have come across a tiny few who have devoted much time and energy to developing any of the powers or abilities I mention above. I have met quite a few who practise yoga and they do tend to look healthy. Also some who practise meditation regularly and I would include these people in those who are trying to develop more than their physical muscle or IQ. But I also discovered years ago how the techniques that almost all follow in yoga and meditation in fact slam doors shut on the potential possible. I have never met a genuine clairvoyant who practised either yoga or transcendental meditation for example although I am sure there are some and particularly in India. All of us meditate in some way or another but in my view the many courses teaching these practices do not help develop these innate abilities.

Sadly the secrets of the Egyptian sleep temples are lost but they taught their novices how to ‘incubate’ dreams and much more. I will copy a Wikipedia article here on what is known about these temples and note that one was found in Britain:

Sleep temples (also known as dream temples or Egyptian sleep temples) are regarded by some as an early instance of hypnosis over 4000 years ago, under the influence of Imhotep. Imhotep served as Chancellor and as High Priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. He was said to be a son of Ptah, his mother being a mortal named Khredu-ankh.

Sleep temples were hospitals of sorts, healing a variety of ailments, perhaps many of them psychological in nature. The treatment involved chanting, placing the patient into a trance-like or hypnotic state, and analysing their dreams in order to determine treatment. Meditation, fasting, baths, and sacrifices to the patron deity or other spirits were often involved as well.

Sleep temples also existed in the Middle East and Ancient Greece. In Greece, they were built in honor of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine and were called Asclepieions. The Greek treatment was referred to as incubation and focused on prayers to Asclepios for healing. A similar Hebrew treatment was referred to as Kavanah and involved focusing on letters of the Hebrew alphabet spelling the name of their god. Mortimer Wheeler unearthed a Roman sleep temple at Lydney Park, Gloucestershire, in 1928, with the assistance of a young J.R.R. Tolkien.” Wikipedia

This is what they say about Lydney Park’s temple:

“The area has an early British Iron Age promontory fort–type hill fort, known as Lydney Camp, covering 4.5 acres. The Romans dug there for iron ore, probably in the 3rd century AD, but apparently abandoned the workings as unproductive. Open-cast iron mines, or scowles, and tunnels still exist throughout the hill.

In the late 4th century, the Romans built a Romano-Celtic temple to Nodens, a Celtic divinity who is reflected by the later figures of Nuada and Nudd/Lludd in Irish and Welsh mythology respectively. Lludd’s name survives in the placename of Lydney. Several model dog images have been found there, indicating it was a healing shrine; dogs were associated with such shrines and may have been kept to lick wounds. The structure was a somewhat unusual design consisting of a cross between a basilica and the usual Romano-Celtic style temple. The walls of the sanctuary or cella were arched colonnades until a fault in the rock below caused the almost total collapse of the temple. It was rebuilt with solid walls to the cella. There was a fish-covered mosaic with an inscription that referred to ‘Victorinus the Interpreter’, probably an interpreter of dreams. The temple was accompanied by a large courtyard guest house, a long building used as dormitory accommodation and an elaborate bath suite or thermae.

Sir Mortimer Wheeler excavated the site between 1928–9 and more excavations took place in 1980–1. The finds included a hoard of imitation Roman coins which were thought to date from the 5th century, but are now believed to be 4th century artefacts. Other finds suggest that the temple was still being used in the 5th century. The author of The Lord of the Rings novel, J. R. R. Tolkien, then a well-known philologist, was asked by Wheeler to write a paper, The Name ‘Nodens’, which was included as an appendix to the excavation report.

Local folklore claims that, after the Romans’ departure, the local people began to believe the ruins were the home to dwarves, hobgoblins or little people” Wikipedia

I find the role of dogs here interesting but the mention of the dream interpreter Victorinus is remarkable. What the fish have to do with this is not stated, nor the baths.

But for adepts the peak of our potential is gaining enlightenment in our lives and more fool us if we do not try. We are extremely unlikely to meet any enlightened people or even discover genuine enlightenment in history books and scriptures – unless we dedicate ourselves to realising our innate ability to find and know truth from illusion. It is noticeable how at this time of revelation we are bombarded every day with media and political discussion about fake news.

The potential that so many opt to achieve instead is to do with amassing money. It has been the human obsession since money was first created.there is no money to be made from genuine clairvoyance or enlightenment. If there was half the planet would be chasing it.


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