The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 4 – 9th April – rattuos

When I used to give clairvoyant readings thirty or forty years ago I would see things quite often that were difficult to describe. If for example you see a red sky one evening you may recall the saying ‘red sky at night shepherd’s delight‘. And one thing I would often see or even hear was ‘it will be all right’. That may mean something to you, I am sure you have often said it, but it meant something else to me. It meant that things were going to be extremely difficult and it would not seem that things were going to be all right at all. Think about when you say it to someone or even to yourself. It is usually at a time of crisis. Clairvoyantly it looks like that red sky.

I suppose I can liken that to what I would see that really was critical. The end perhaps. It is signally bleak. It looks like a barren field or tree. Now our knowledge might tell us that this is not some nuclear winter when everything is dead but a normal winter not far from spring when flowers will burst out of the ground. It is not always the case but certainly appears clairvoyantly in this way, that breakthroughs are next to breakdowns. You either stop digging for your treasure just before you find it or you are at the point of that last dig with your spade when you have gone as long as it takes to reach your goal.

What this is really saying is that this point looks like the end, is as barren as winter or as that saying suggests – the darkest hour just before dawn. So when I say it will be all right it does not look like it and unless you keep going it wont be. This in fact was the point at which many people came to me. Their inner lives nudged them to see some clairvoyant like me for encouragement just before they gave up – perhaps on a very important relationship or project. The author who had sent his book or song to hundreds of publishers, always rejected and was just about to give up on it.

Perhaps we might take on board at this point in our history that humanity does not look as though it can be justified. Like our bodies it may have many good points but if our body spends its time being destructive to our environment it really does not help that some of it is well meaning. The human could change. It could abandon its dirty fuel habits and invest heavily in clean energy. It could rescue endangered species and provide safe habitats for them. Tell our nuclear operators not to make more of these things until we have found a safe way to dispose of the hundreds of tons of nuclear waste we have acquired, some of which has been dumped in the sea off Somalia by crooked corporations who said they were reprocessing it and charged as though they were. But our oceans are still dumping grounds and no one will take responsibility or ownership for cleaning them of the rubbish, the plastic and toxins that we have thrown into them over the last fifty years. We could stop making wars, stop poverty, ensure everyone has clean water, food, shelter, education and health care. But we know we wont. Some of us might want that but we are not humanity’s brain deciding what we really do.

Maya or illusion has a very important part in this. We have covered our corruption with a thin veneer of something that looks very healthy. This is why we cannot say with any certainty that it will be all right, that our imminent breakdown will precede a breakthrough. We may be sending something to these publishers which really is unfit for publication and we will never have that breakthrough if we do not realise that and delude ourselves that it is a masterpiece. But that is what Maya does. It spreads its delusion over the whole of humanity. Don’t worry it says to the starving child, food is on the way, but it knows very well that it is not. The war to end wars is never the war that ends wars. It is just another war. We could end war but instead we have wars to end wars.

Resurrection is a word that means resurgence, just as insurrection is about insurgents. The root of the word ‘surrection’, which is not a word on its own, means a surge. The last time I heard that word used was to denote an increase in troops but it can be about many things. But resurrection cannot mean many things. It is usually applied to certain ancient deities like Osiris or Adonis, who die but in some strange way come back to life. In fact I would apply it to Spring. Next week is Holy Week in Christian calendars and is marked by crucifixion on Good Friday, burial, and resurrection on Easter Sunday. I am a little unnerved by what my next week holds in store for me. A spear is used to end the life of the god man on the cross and it is written that blood and water flowed from the wound as he gave up the ghost. That suggests that the centurion speared the bladder or kidney. In my case they will be spearing me in the side too, where I have a large tumour in my kidney. Resurrection comes after death if it comes at all. Resurgence is definitely preferable in my view. But if we must die we need what is called the rainbow body which survives our death. I wrote about that here in December and it is very rare.

Is it possible that humanity is at the point of resurrection or resurgence. It is obviously possible. We humans go where we are led and our leaders or shepherds can certainly take us to our salvation. It is said that we elect them and they usually tell us that they will lead us to safety if we do. Quite how they managed to lead us to this most desolate point in our history is hard to say. But it is in their hands and certainly in the hands of our intelligence agencies. They know where we are heading and whether we can survive there. There are alternatives – we do not have to drift into a nuclear war nor towards a planet that has lost its breathable atmosphere, overheated and whose seas have died. If they think they have better things to do, that political rivalry is more important, then they are not intelligent. Humanity will perish and cannot be justified.

Breakdown or breakthrough. It is in their hands not ours. We can counsel them, plead with them. Clairvoyants can warn them. The enlightened can guide them. But they lead us. Will a justifiable species spring from the ground anew? I cannot even bring myself to say it will be all right. Clairvoyantly that is, as it looks like the end. But it is just possible.

This is the more difficult twin of that ‘it will be all right’. It is the shepherds’ warning, the red sky in the morning.


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