The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 5 – Friday 14 April – rattuos

“I told you so” – is a phrase that is very annoying to hear. The great prophetess Cassandra, who was killed at Troy, is said by Homer to have been cursed always to tell the truth but never to be believed. It is not a curse just a natural law that restrains the genuine clairvoyants.

Consider this. If you see something happening and that vision is genuine then it will happen. We use the phrase ’it is written’ for that. But things are not always as they seem in visions. Before the last two wars it was fairly obvious to historians looking back that there would be war, but there was a great hope at the time that there would not be war. Wishful thinking perhaps which was certainly preferred in most drawing rooms to doomladen talk of war. Look at this as it is particularly relevant now:


We often read how famous and infamous past leaders have consulted with mediums for advice or guidance in formulating major decisions, but how often have we read about the psychic abilities of leaders themselves?

Winston Spencer Churchill was such a man, and although during WW2 he consulted with mediums for strategic war information, you may not be aware of the fact that Churchill also possessed a psychic intuitiveness which guided him through tough and difficult times during his long life.

Recalling the events of the Boer War when he had been captured, had escaped and seeking sanctuary he explained in his autobiography how he was “guided by some form of mental planchette (a Spiritualist tool) to the only house in a 30 mile radius that was sympathetic to the British cause”. Had he knocked on the back door of any other house he would have been arrested and returned to the Boer commanders to be shot as an escaping prisoner of war.

In later years when as Prime Minister of Britain during WW2, there were two notable occasions when Churchill`s psychic prowess saved his life.

Once, during an air raid whilst entertaining three government ministers at 10, Downing Street, London, Churchill broke contact from his guests and went to the kitchen where he ordered the cook to put the evening dinner on the hot plate in the dining room. Afterwards he ordered all kitchen staff to evacuate immediately to the air raid shelter and then calmly returned to his guests at dinner.

Within a few minutes the kitchen area was destroyed by an enemy bomb, but left Churchill and the diners unscathed. Had the kitchen staff not heeded Churchill`s warnings, undoubtedly there would have been many casualties.

On another occasion Churchill went to get into a ministerial limousine when for reasons not known, he instead of getting into the door opened for him, went to the other side of the car where he remained seated. During the journey a bomb exploded on the side of the car where he would ordinarily have been sat. The force lifted the vehicle off two wheels, but again Churchill and the driver were uninjured.

Churchill made light play of the incident and joked that he switched sides to keep the weight of the vehicle down, but he later confessed to his wife that as he was about to get in, a voice in his head commanded him to stop. Heeding his inner voice as always, he went to the other side of the vehicle instead and probably saved his own life.

On another occasion Churchill was travelling to the House of Commons in a government limousine when he ordered the driver to take a different route.
Unbeknown to the security services, some I.R.A (Irish Republican Army) hitmen were waiting for him in Regent`s Park where they had prepared to attack his vehicle with guns as he drove through.

Undoubtedly Churchill`s belief in the paranormal played a big part in the Helen Duncan case in 1944 and the later repeal of the Witchcraft Act of 1735.

Duncan, a medium, had during a private Portsmouth seance, claimed that a dead sailor had told her that a British warship HMS Barham had been sunk during enemy action. Among the guests was a Lieutenant R. Worth of the Royal Navy who discovered shortly afterwards that HMS Barham was indeed sunk, and that the news had only just come through. Suspecting that Duncan was a German agent, and with D-Day not too far away, she was arrested with the other guests for `vagrancy`, which was later ammended to `conspiracy` before finally appearing in court charged under the Witchcraft Act.

Churchill was furious when he heard of this trial, and wrote a ministerial message to the Home Secretary Herbert Morrison; “Give me a report of the 1735 Witchcraft Act . What was the cost of a trial to the State in which the Recorder ( junior magistrate) was kept busy with all this obsolete tomfoolery to the detriment of the necessary work in the courts?”

The point I would make was that Churchill knew years before that there was going to be a war. This is now hidden for political reasons but when Chamberlain went to Munich in 1938 we only had 50 Hurricanes in service and the Spitfire had just come off the drawing board. The rest of our air force consisted of First World War type biplanes. Hitler had been bombing countries into submission and his air force was modern and massive. Had we declared war then we would have been forced to surrender within days. We appeased instead and started the largest plane building enterprise in history. We also designed and installed the revolutionary Dowding radar system. By the time we were retreating from Dunkirk we had lost more than 1000 of our new planes over France but had enough to fight off the Luftwaffe in the ‘Battle of Britain‘, aided or saved by radar. If you look at these dates and figures you will see what a miracle it was we survived without the USAF and exactly how Appeasement came into this. Chamberlain eventually handed over to his protégé Churchill but together they had fooled Hitler and rescued us. Now the word Appeasement is used to suggest that we did something evil. How little people know. The mighty US did not join the war for over three years but is never accused of ‘appeasement‘. This is a table of events I put together:

Lord Swinton, as Secretary of State for Air, and with Baldwin’s approval, in 1934 gave Churchill access to official and otherwise secret information…..His (Churchill’s) first major speech on defence on 7 February 1934 stressed the need to rebuild the Royal Air Force and to create a Ministry of Defence; his second, on 13 July urged a renewed role for the League of Nations” Wikipedia

July 1934 expansion of RAF announced – 5 year plan

June 1935 Baldwin replaces MacDonald as Prime Minister

“Churchill, holidaying in Spain when the Germans reoccupied the Rhineland in February 1936, returned to a divided Britain…..Churchill’s figures for the size of the Luftwaffe, leaked to him by Ralph Wigram at the Foreign Office, were less accurate than those of the Air Ministry and he believed that the Germans were preparing to unleash thermite bombs “the size of an orange” on London. Ministers stressed that Hitler’s intentions were unclear, and the importance of maximising Britain’s long-term economic strength through exports, whereas Churchill wanted 25-30% of British industry to be brought under state control for purposes of rearmament. Baldwin argued that the important thing had been to win the election to get “a perfectly free hand” for rearmament. The meeting ended with Baldwin agreeing with Churchill that rearmament was vital to deter Germany.” Wikipedia

March 1936 first Spitfire maiden voyage

May 1937 Neville Chamberlain replaces Baldwin as Prime Minister

December 1937 RAF take delivery of first Hurricane fighters

June 1938 Spitfire enters service, 50 Hurricanes in service

Sept 1938 Chamberlain buys essential time for re-arming in so called ‘appeasement‘- Germany builds 1860 Messerschmitt ‘109’ fighters

Jan 1939 Only 27 RAF Fighter squadrons active, Germany builds 1540 109’s.

Sept 1939 Britain declares war – 500 Hurricanes in service, 400 Spitfires
Luftwaffe:Aircraft strength was 4,201 operational aircraft; 1,191 bombers, 361 dive bombers, 788 fighters, 431 heavy fighters, and 488 transports

“On 3 September 1939, the day Britain declared war on Germany following the outbreak of the Second World War, Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty, the same position he had held during the first part of the First World War. As such he was a member of Chamberlain’s small War Cabinet” Wikipedia

May 1940 Chamberlain resigned in favour of Churchill.

May to June 1940 Dunkirk retreat of British Expeditionary Force in France and allies

June 1940 106 RAF fighters lost in 9 days and in total 1029 planes lost in France

1940 Dowding radar system becomes active and is of major importance as from
July through Autumn 1940 Britain fights Battle of Britain against vastly superior numbers of German bombers and fighters

Meanwhile Britain and her Commonwealth allies were also fighting the Italians and Germans in North Africa and having some success against the forces of Rommel.

Not until December 1941 did the US join the war and only after Germany and Japan had declared war on them

End of war 1 million serving in RAF with 27,000 planes, 14000 Hurricanes had been produced 20,000 Spitfires were produced.”

I would put it to you that our very survival rests upon the shoulders of clairvoyance and enlightenment. The answer to the question asked now ‘will there be war?’ is almost certainly yes. There are innumerable prophecies old and new that attest to that even if you cannot hear the war drums beating. But the real question should be ‘how can we survive this war?’. Sadly our governments seem to be anti-psychic these days as do our leaders. Their real interests are those of the many who are ardently campaigning for war and which include our media. Evidence for that is abundant as the media coverage and political glorification of recent bombing shows.

If you take the time to read how we prepared for war above you will see what is needed now is more ‘time‘. We not only have very little defence in the face of thermo nuclear war, we have an aggressive foreign policy that is driving nuclear armed powers into a corner. When I was young we prepared for nuclear attacks and certainly did not invite them. My generation was well aware of how wars happened and what they did. But our ’advisers’ and ’think tanks’ these days are anything but what they call themselves. Whatever benefits they see in war mongering are completely dwarfed by the consequences of losing just one major city in our country. Do we have anti aircraft guns/missiles surrounding every city and industrial centre? Do we have enough aircraft to withstand a blitz? Have we any antidote to radiation poisoning? Do those in high places have any idea what they are unleashing or are they merely concerned with pleasing certain potentates and lobbies?

If they asked a genuine clairvoyant about where this is leading they would be shocked which is perhaps why we are demonised as liars and worse. The natural law that restrains us in that event would most certainly appear to be a curse because we know we cannot survive as a species, let alone be justified, just as Cassandra knew she would be killed when her city was overthrown, but was not ‘believed‘. The extraordinary thing about our species are the many fictions we are capable of ‘believing’ and how the truth or Dharma is not among them.

The greatest of lessons is how history repeats itself but also how we never learn that lesson. Britain cannot rely upon a ‘league of nations’ to save it, it must save itself and buy enough time to do that.


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