The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 6 – Easter 16 April 2017 – rattuos

The ancient phrase ‘as above so below‘ is ascribed to Thoth and is a natural law, albeit not one subscribed to by physicists in our age. But for example we can see by it how processes on an atomic scale, in our bodies, communities, nations and world have much in common. It may help therefore when looking at corruption and how to tackle it if we look at the cancer process in the human or animal.

The first thing we can note is that the signal to the immune system and to the building blocks in our bodies is corrupted. It causes the growth of tumours and the theft by them of the nutrients we need for health. It also stops the immune system closing this unnatural growth down. This results in uncontrolled tumour growth, spread and eventual demise.

There is more however and this next part is what we really need to know to treat the corruption. If a cancer spreads from the thyroid it remains thyroid cancer and has those characteristics in its new abode. The spread is called metastasis. Cancer may spread to the brain or the bones but retains its original classification. In some places it may be quite easy to remove but others are more inaccessible or impossible to take out. In its original starting point it is called a primary tumour, the ‘mets’ are called secondary tumours.

Treatments vary. Kidney cancer is not very responsive to either radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It also has a habit of spreading – all our blood is filtered in the kidney. Surgeons may need to remove the affected tissue and a margin but when doing so on a brain tumour this may well affect any number of our faculties. Chemotherapy is not of a standard that treats all cancer types, nor the newer immunotherapies that target particular cells and use the body’s immune system to destroy them.

Of course if we look at our world there are many types of tumour or corruption. One might be classed organised crime that has spread around the globe and drains national economies of funds. Another might be terrorism which can be a local affair, like the IRA or a global war like IS. Treatments vary, or should if they are to be effective.

Money is like the blood of our planet. Cancer can affect our blood too – leukaemia. This may result from the uncontrolled production of particular cells just as the excessive printing of money will wreck economies in the long run. But we can see how if terrorist organisations have unlimited funding they can for example buy nuclear weapons. If their funding is cut off they collapse. Increasingly we are seeing state funding for particular terrorist groups without the realisation that the harm they may do is to our entire body, not just a small part of it. The immune system as in our body is switched off, lulled into some wishful thinking that the unnatural process is beneficial when it is malignant.

Some cancer treatments actually kill. That is known but as they are deemed to grant some small extension of life or perhaps have some palliative (painkilling) effect that is considered a risk worth taking. In the same way certain diseases are classified as immune disorders and these see the immune system turn on the host and start a war that can disable or kill it. Rheumatoid arthritis for example. This is exactly what happens with world wars.

I am likening corruption to cancer rather than infection or virus because the later are invasions of foreign bodies, not true corruption. I suppose the classic corruption in public life is where officers take bribes. It is certainly a fact that once an officer of some kind does stoop to corruption they are likely to do this repeatedly and are open to blackmail to ensure they do.

Increasingly we are seeing donors of various kinds influencing government decisions. That may in fact be legal but in its secretive form is a type of classic corruption too. Where governments or officers lie to the public this is also corrupt. These days they say that is in the national interest which is perfectly justifiable if it is. But if it is in fact in the interest of various influences rather than what we really mean by ‘national interest’ it is corrupt. It is in the nature of cancer and corruption to deceive and the reason it does this is to prevent the immune systems stopping it.

But where we see terrorism we are certainly seeing corruption of a serious kind. By this I mean where organisations or cells attack the body for whatever reason unless licensed to do so. We know we have killer cells in our immune system and they have a job to do. But corruption can cause them to kill healthy cells. So for example we have seen nations purge ‘intellectuals’ or many others for one reason or another. This is a corruption.

At the beginning here I mentioned how the signal to the immune system is corrupted in cancer to allow the growths. This is true in many ways in society. Some examples are seen in the use of scriptures or religion to attack. They will suggest that God has ordered this when we know it is far from the truth. But we can also note how tumours are often first detected when a person starts losing weight for no apparent reason. In society’s case this will be evidenced by growing poverty and massive wealth gravitating to certain individuals. It will be ‘legal’ in the sense that in western democracies we are all encouraged to earn as much as we can. We can even win sums like £100 million on the lottery. But we should also note that if people are starving in our society there is no ethical justification for people to have this kind of wealth. These days there are more and more billionaires, more and more tumours and it is not a healthy sign while we have vast swathes of poverty and famine in our world. The lottery prizes are growing to attract more business. But we are dying.

Cancer is often linked to unhealthy lifestyle, diet and a large variety of toxins. Asbestos can cause a vicious cancer in the lungs as can smoking tobacco. Certain chemicals like dioxin are highly carcinogenic as can be radiation. I suppose we might see this equivalent in our pollution, proximity to nuclear war, reliance on nuclear power without being able to tackle the waste effectively, reliance on very toxic chemicals for farming and even household cleaning and so on. But I am not really equating these with the disease they may cause to individuals. They are essentially a disease for society, for our world. And if we look into them we soon find suggestions that there is corruption in high places that imposes them upon us even though there are harmless alternatives.

We have known for many years that tobacco is cancerous but it is still sold openly all over the world while other substances are designated dangerous drugs. On television yesterday a scientist told us that over 1 million Britons have criminal records for using cannabis which along with LSD is classified with the most harmful and addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine. But we can note that the government charges £6.98 tax on 20 cigarettes. It charges £28.74 tax on a litre of pure alcohol (whisky is about 30% pure alcohol). These two drugs have no classification but are known to be dangerous to health. Our NHS is straining under the load imposed upon it from smoking and drinking. But quite obviously the government depends upon these two very addictive substances. And they have powerful lobbies, lobbies that recently have been implicated in efforts to keep cannabis illegal. None of this is healthy for our world body but just a small example of how easily we go awry.

I mention these two drugs in particular because they were the hippy drugs of the 1960/70’s. I am not suggesting they are harmless however almost all the people who used them were. The hippies, people like Lennon and McCartney, not only preached love and peace but also the search for enlightenment. Why one might wonder have they been criminalised. Cannabis and magic mushrooms have been used by holy men and women, shamen, for thousands of years. Are they really the enemy? Here is a photo from 1971. In those days I did try both these drugs but no longer take any that are not prescribed by my doctor. This was the year when my hunt for enlightenment started in earnest. I am wearing the no longer fashionable salmon coloured jeans and a beard that has come back into fashion for some reason. My baby daughter is here and her older sister with some of the other tenants of Worthy Farm. We were all nice people who wanted to live a natural life, loathed violence of any kind and promoted peace and harmony in the world. Politicians do not like that it seems.


I also mentioned how to tackle secondary cancer we need to attack the primary tumour and cancer type. Sometimes the whole body has to be treated with chemotherapy to do this, but sometimes the primary tumour can be removed to stop it spreading. Obviously we need to know where it is and what type of cancer cells we are to treat as they need different treatments. This is true for terrorism. We can irradiate our whole body, put surveillance on it all, and even dispense a powerful chemotherapy to tackle the cancerous cells. But ideally we will find out where it is coming from, why the signal is distorted that allows it and tackle it at its source. We can also note how suicide bombing is deeply rooted in modern terrorism. That is coming from a very particular source that says that it leads to paradise.

Vast is the pharmaceutical industry and it has a huge financial stake in dispensing medicine. It does not have a huge stake in preventing disease because that is its market. We might note the same about the armaments industry and war. Will our pharmaceutical giants fund clinical trials in commonly available herbs? No – it is not in their interest as they depend on patents and expensive drugs. Nor to see if hypnosis can cure cancer. We cannot blame it, that is not what it was set up to do. But there is a conflict there and we must recognise it. That it is a major funder of politicians is another conflict.

So without wishing to cross swords with almost every institution on the planet what I am showing here is how the enlightened see our world problem and the race to our destruction. We cannot avert that destruction even though it will take us all with it – corporations, governments and population. Cancer does the same thing to us individually whether it means to or not. But the bottom line for all of this is money. That is what the governments want, the billionaires want, organised crime wants, and all the vast corporations. So the answer is really quite simple – we should give them all the money they want while they divert their energies to changing to meet the real needs of our body. A nuclear industry that invests in wind power, not campaigns against it. It is not impossible. Our pharmaceuticals can be paid to investigate simpler medicines without patents, affordable medicines for all. Our armies and navies can stop fighting and start cleaning. And our governments can stop their nonsense and do what we elected them to do – save our world from imminent destruction.

Like mine our Prime Minister’s father was a vicar and yesterday she said this:

In her Easter video message, the Prime Minister says ethics she learned as a vicar’s daughter should “bring us together” as we “face the opportunities” of leaving the EU.

She adds Brits should be “confident about the role Christianity has to play” in their lives and do more to stand up for persecuted religious people worldwide.”

I may have missed something but the Christian values in our home did not include bombing the poorest people on the planet, arming and backing mercenaries and extremists from many countries in the most violent revolution in history against a country where women were allowed both to vote and stand in elections and many religions have lived in harmony for centuries – nor rewarding the rich with tax cuts, honouring them while overseeing poverty estimated at one in three children in Scotland and the harshest austerity politics, exclusively targeting the poorer communities, that we have seen in my lifetime.



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