The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 7 – 20 April 2017 – rattuos

I thought it may be worth looking at ‘chaos’ again. One reason for doing so is because one superpower is accusing another of ‘chaos management’ and this is being mentioned by a variety of authors at present. What they mean is the deliberate destruction of states and keeping them in an ungovernable state for secretive or dubious foreign policy motives. Whether there is any truth in that accusation is not my point. I would say that there is already a state of chaos existing due to the very many think tanks and policy institutes we now have in our countries, funded and set up by various organisations and nations intent on influencing foreign policy to their advantage. So of course one might advocate some course of action based on careful thought and models, while another comes up with a conflicting policy based on their point of view. Look no further than climate change for examples. What we call ’institutes’ are in fact glorified lobbies who wheel out their experts on 24 hour news programmes to ‘advise’ us on all manner of subjects. That is modern life and it varies little from what has always happened here one way or another since the human first organised itself and divided the world up between its tribes.

What we mean by ‘chaos’ is not chaotic at all. This discovery was made when computer models developed a picture of what was supposed to be random. This ‘fractal’ showed clearly that what we deem to be random is in fact conformity to a universal model. I will give my example. If you toss a coin that is not weighted to one side or another over a large number of tosses you will find it approximates to 50 /50 heads/tails. You may not be able to predict each toss but you can predict the outcome over many. Roulette wheels have 36 numbers and a zero so over a year these 37 numbers will come up approximately the same number of times. As the casino only pays you 36 x your bet (not 37x) they will make a profit of 1/37 of the total money bet over the year. Anything much different will suggest something is wrong.

What you are seeing is that ‘random’ has a pattern. So do leaves falling off a tree, moths mating, bacteria multiplying. It all seems random but is in fact predictable when we look at the overall model (the ‘as above’ bit against the ‘so below‘). The problem is predicting the individual throw. Now if we apply that to so called ‘chaos management’ we should note that the same patterns will appear here. Break up one state into ungovernable portions ruled by anarchist groups and you will find the same result happening in the next state where you do this to. If there was a threat presented by that state, the threat will remain but in many smaller portions. Thus if what you were worried about was for example the army or air force in some country, you will now have to worry about 40 different ones instead. If you kill everyone, more hostile people will move in. If you make the place uninhabitable with nuclear radiation it will also threaten the neighbouring states and ultimately you. Treat the bacteria with antibiotics and they become resistant. Stop them getting into hospitals on peoples’ hands and they will hitch a ride in on their clothes. It is not random, there is a plan.

Put another way what the human achieves by trying to ‘manage’ nature is war with nature, and of course nature wins. Hitler tried to exterminate Jews and homosexuals. The first group now has its own very powerful nation and enormous influence in the world, the other has achieved legitimacy and much greater power too. An empire that destroys nations destroys itself, if it builds them it builds itself. If it feeds corruption it dies. If it relies on lies and propaganda it is at war with history, truth and justice, which always win in the end. The human is causing the extinction of large mammals and creatures of the sea. It is therefore making itself extinct. Because this is the essence of chaos – it cannot be ‘managed’ and every attempt to harness its forces is doomed to failure. But which think tanks tell governments that dharma and karma – truth and justice – must never be offended, never be abused? None. Not even the religions dare say that as they rely on fabrications too. There was no talking snake in a garden of Eden. Adam was not the first man born 6000 years ago but they will not admit such things. Miracles empower them so they will not expose them for what they are – stories told many years later, little different to and no truer than those we tell our children at night.

The universal law is that if you fire something in a straight line away from you it will come and hit you in the back of the head. It is the law of karma. If you tell a lie you will be exposed as a liar. Neither result happens overnight but both are happening faster than ever before. Today another vast asteroid flies extremely close to earth, big enough to kill us all. Really the think tanks should look at history again. We are in a time when empires are breaking up. Crushing dissent empowers it. Giving orders to nations and citizens that are disadvantageous to them results in a problem for the one giving the order. Regime change leads to regime change. But I suppose the biggest lesson of the times is how chaos is really operating. It is causing the empires to do what they are doing. It has produced the think tanks, put the human at war with nature because that is what leads to its extinction. Our plants have developed their genes over many millennia, every one is vital. To remove or engineer them in a bid to ‘make money’ is not only futile – it is an act of self destruction. To have think tanks telling you that is the way forward is precisely how nature and chaos are achieving their aim. How they protect themselves. Creating world wide terrorism with a burning anger at its heart is part of this. We could not create it faster if we tried. We have armed, trained and supported it in our battle against other nations and now it is unleashed against us. Self destruction and quite ‘predictable‘ except to those advising this course of action in the hope it will benefit their founders and funders.

Today a government has decided to call an election. That is also an act of self destruction and again it has been decided on the advice of think tanks that seem not to have noticed how polls are now driving elections to the most extraordinary and unwanted results. Nature and chaos want the lying oppressors removed and remove them they will. War crimes are not punished by mankind but by the natural laws and those who suffered death by them. There are millions and millions screaming for justice in the afterlife and there the truth is known. Is there one think tank or institute that acknowledges this? Only those with their eyes open – the enlightened.

Now let me ask you something. If you could go back to 1980 knowing what you know now what would you do? Would you buy shares in Microsoft? Bet on the winners of the horse races you could remember? Make millions? Would you marry someone else? Train to be something else? Would you set up as a clairvoyant? Or would you realise that all you should have done with your life was to try to gain enlightenment as that is all that will endure after you die, all that will save you and your species. That is the role of the saviours who not only save the world but justify humanity. Making money would sentence you to a terrible afterlife and indeed a hopeless life. But making money is what our empires, governments and leaders chose this time and that is why we are being destroyed. It is just the result of a lack of vision and a stubborn refusal to accept and understand the natural laws that really govern us.



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