The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 10 – 30 April 2017 – rattuos

Now let me ask you a serious question. Say you are excited about a trip you are about to take. You have looked forward to this for years, planned it and saved hard for it. Your partner is as excited as you and you are all packed ready to go. I am just a medium, certainly not a friend of yours. I am a rather odd man with a very odd ability. I may even be a fraud, how would you know?

But here I am telling you not to get in the car. To cancel the trip of a lifetime because it reeks of danger to me. You will not return, you will not make it.

Are you going to take a blind bit of notice? I doubt it. No more than the Trojans believed Cassandra when she told them Greek soldiers were hiding in the wooden horse. They actually stopped her setting it on fire or breaking it open with an axe. Nor did Paris take any notice when she told him not to go to Sparta. Nor when she said that bringing Helen back to Troy would destroy it. It may be a fable although the city does exist and almost certainly was besieged and destroyed. She did her best poor woman.

So what would you have me do? Keep quiet about what I have seen? Accept that I will not be believed and trying to tell you what you do not wish to hear will only bring great misfortune on my own head. After all what happened to Cassandra? She was dragged by Ajax away from the statue of Athena to which she clung and he raped her in Athena’s temple. Then she was taken to Mycenae as a concubine by Agamemnon, whose wife when he was away had an affair with Aegisthus. The queen and her lover then killed the poor prophetess. Surely a warning to future generations of clairvoyants.

Really it is just an example of killing the messenger. However envoys or ambassadors have been protected throughout human history. This hospitality shown to them, and safe passage granted to them, existed at the time of Troy and long before it. Gradually that became what we now know as ‘diplomatic immunity‘. We should not kill the messengers nor harm them in any way, however unpleasant we find the messages they bring. Mediums and clairvoyants are most certainly envoys in this sense, bringing messages and warnings from another world as far as we are concerned. These days of course almost all are considered to be frauds and their messages to be fake news. Well there is a long history to that too.

I would be the first to admit that clairvoyants do not have a good reputation and that those who declare themselves to be clairvoyant or even enlightened are often nothing of the sort. Even if they are well meaning quite possibly they are deluded. It is very difficult for us and that is why we call the problem the ‘curse of Cassandra’. Perhaps the problem is trying to prevent something that is fated to happen. But my own clairvoyance has always shown me something of a crossroads, a choice where the wrong decision has a known cost and the right decision a great possibility. That is the case for our planet and species now. We have at least two doors before us. One leads to our extinction the other to safety. We try to tell our leaders but they get angry with us. Their bags are packed and they are raring to go through the wrong door.

Can you answer my first question? Would you cancel your trip of a lifetime based on something someone like me might say to you?



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