The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 16 – 29 May 2017 – rattuos

It strains the mind to think about this in the way you would think about anything else. Even our greatest scientists cannot or will not do this but it is really not that difficult and explains so much.

If you take any ‘object’ you will find it has an inside, an outside an origin and an end. You may not know all these things but you know they are there. A golf ball for example. It will not last forever will it?

If you take an ‘event’ the same is true but it is harder to see perhaps. This will have an apparent exterior and the truth will lie within. It also has a beginning and end. Can you think of anything that does not? Our very universe is a classic example although we have all been told it had no beginning and has no end. Now we are told it is 13.772 billion years old!

If you have found an example it may be ‘infinity’ that cannot be categorised as above but that is the concept or part of it that this may explain.

Time has a beginning, an end, an inside and outside too. It may be hard to think about it. This last week I read that Einstein had said time was invented to stop everything happening at once. I do not know if he said that but if so it was a joke*. That may be the result or apparent result but not the purpose.

If we want our eyes open we have to see time as it is and also as it is not. Of course it is linear with a beginning and end, just as it appears. Say we look at 2 + 2 = 4 – we cannot dispute that but we can dispute that 4 = 2 + 2 because 4 equals an almost infinite range of possibilities like 4 = 1004 – 1000 or 4 = 3.526 + 1.474 not to mention 4 = 1.6 + 3.9 – 1.5. Well time is more than a linear thing even if a linear thing is time.

Many have speculated on time even Buddhist sages and there is a school of thought called eternalism that you may like to look up, however none of them say what time is, just what is time.

If you hold a golfball you know what it is, that it was invented, made in great numbers and this is one of them, that it is composed of various substances and layers. I dismembered one as a boy and found that beneath the white crisp shell was a very long elastic band wound many times to form the shape and in the middle of that was a small rubber bag containing a heavy white liquid that I took to be white lead. That may not be the case with modern golf balls as I have never taken them apart to find out or read about them but even all of that does not quite add up to a ’golfball’. They have individual histories, have travelled and been hit. After all you are an individual, a product of your history and genes not just a human. We cannot say a human is you either.

There is a phrase – ‘division of time’. It perhaps originated in the biblical Book of Daniel and may even be a mistranslation:

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. (Daniel 7:25)



* Misattributed

Time is nature’s way to keep everything from happening all at once.

Wheeler quoted this saying in Complexity, Entropy, and the Physics of Information (1990), p. 10, with a footnote attributing it to “graffiti in the men’s room of the Pecan Street Cafe, Austin, Texas”. Later publications, such as Paul Davies’ 1995 book About Time (p. 236), credited Wheeler with variations of this saying, but the quip is actually much older. The earliest known source is Ray Cummings‘ 1922 science fiction novel The Girl in the Golden Atom, Ch. V: ” ‘Time,’ he said, ‘is what keeps everything from happening at once.’ ” It also appears in his 1929 novel The Man Who Mastered Time. The earliest known occurrence other than Cummings is from 1962 in Film Facts: Volume!” Wikiquote

Possibly the words in the Book of Daniel mean three and a half years but it does not matter and I am sure they do not mean what I am about to write but the wording does.

Time starts in the middle and radiates outwards both backwards and forward as far as we can see wherever we may be. If we look outwards from here as far as possible using our most massive telescopes we see stars as they were 12 billion years ago shortly after the universe started. But we know that – it is just how we see it. What we do not see is that the universe arrived fully formed before time started. Impossible you think.

In 1971 some people built a scale replica of the Great Pyramid in the South-west of England and a thousand or so hippies spent the weekend in front of it watching bands perform from the stage built into it. It was at the time of summer solstice in a place aligned at an intersection of ley lines and linked to Stonehenge. For one reason or another a host of spirits attended that weekend too and some were from pre-dynastic Egypt. They loved this field and the happy people in it, they called it the ‘field of reeds in the west’ also in the beautiful islands of the west. They told stories about it as if it was heaven, stories that reached Greece about three thousand years later where they called this field the Elysian Fields**, the proto type for paradise. But bear in mind that stories told over many generations tend to become distorted. More to the point they started trying to replicate the pyramid in Ancient Egypt and elsewhere in the world and also started holding a festival (Opet) at that time of year. If I am right then which came first – the chicken or the egg? The Great Pyramid built around 2600BC after various attempts over the previous centuries or the stage modelled on it?

This is the vision that reached Creation before the universe was created, a ripple radiating outwards from the middle which is where we are. I know this as I have been back. Spirits can travel through time but you do not know this and probably consider me deluded at best, or mad or trying to mislead. So here we are very close to what we call heaven but sadly also close to the beginning of the end unless we do something about that. Lots of us have tried, most of us are dead or, like me, dying.

** “Elysium (or the Elysian Fields), Is the place passed through before entering the “Other World” according to the ancient Pyramid Texts. Depictions of these fields are often found inscribed inside the sarcophagus. This may also be called Islands of the Blessed”

Elysium or the Elysian Fields (Ancient Greek: Ἠλύσιον πεδίον, Ēlýsion pedíon) is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained by some Greek religious and philosophical sects and cults. Initially separate from the realm of Hades, admission was reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life.

The Elysian Fields were, according to Homer, located on the western edge of the Earth by the stream of Okeanos. In the time of the Greek oral poet Hesiod, Elysium would also be known as the Fortunate Isles or the Isles (or Islands) of the Blessed, located in the western ocean at the end of the earth. The Isles of the Blessed would be reduced to a single island by the Thebean poet Pindar, describing it as having shady parks, with residents indulging in athletic and musical pastimes.

The ruler of Elysium varies from author to author: Pindar and Hesiod name Cronus as the ruler, while the poet Homer in the Odyssey describes fair-haired Rhadamanthus dwelling there.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Elysium is described as a paradise:

to the Elysian plain…where life is easiest for men. No snow is there, nor heavy storm, nor ever rain, but ever does Ocean send up blasts of the shrill-blowing West Wind that they may give cooling to men.

— Homer, Odyssey (4.560–565)

According to Eustathius of Thessalonica the word “Elysium” (Ἠλύσιον) derives from ἀλυουσας (ἀλύω, to be deeply stirred from joy) or from ἀλύτως, synonymous of ἀφθάρτως (ἄφθαρτος, incorruptible), referring to souls’ life in this place. Another suggestion is from ελυθ-, ἔρχομαι (to come).” Wikipedia

It is true – they were fascinated by the rain that left a small lake in front of the pyramid before the festival started. It often rains in Somerset but it was a very hot weekend. A very good translation is of course ‘to come’. The spirits that arrived from Egypt, India and elsewhere knew it was in a time to come, saw what we had become and came to live with us after they died because that is what they wanted so much after seeing us. They are reading this now.

There is nothing like seeing something for yourself and although you cannot all be with me back in 1971 due to our miraculous age you can experience some of it, indeed see more of it than I could back then. They kindly made a film of it starting with the construction of that pyramid which gleamed white at night and influenced the architect of that Great Pyramid in Egypt who coated his with polished limestone, so white it hurt your eyes at midday. The film is what it is – the sound may not be what we are used to these days but you can see why the spirits were so fascinated, watch the western fakirs that influenced them. See what you think and don’t be put off by the first few seconds (sent to test us):

Meanwhile here is a photo of me at it – I found it on the net. I am 21 going on 22 and about to have the shock of my life.


I am standing, dark hair, dark trousers – about one third in from the left and I think that is a camera in my hand. Where are my photos now I wonder?


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