The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 20 – 9 June 2016 – rattuos

It is easy to get drawn into the murky world of politics and the illusions it offers but quite difficult to look through it to reality however let us try.

When I was at school, about 14, we had one fat child in our class. At least that was what almost every kid there concluded and he was mercilessly ribbed for being fat. He did not overeat and tried his best at games but like many of us was not very good at them. Neither was he a genius. He would have been completely at home in a modern classroom but not ours in the early 1960‘s. In a rather patronising way perhaps I felt sorry for him. He was not a friend and I did not know him well nor know what he felt about his lot in life but it seemed to me that some of the others delighted in ganging up on him and giving him a hard time. Moreover they really were no better than him at anything but that is what some kids do, gang up and try to look big or cool.

One afternoon they set upon him for some reason I did not know. One boy sat on top of him and was punching him. I pulled him off in a fury. They never forgave me for that. I was thereafter more unpopular than the victim of their bullying. And he did not appreciate me either, he never spoke to me after that let alone thanked me.

Whatever I saw that day was not what anyone else there saw or admitted. I did not act to be some hero just out of shock and anger. But here is the world of politics in a snapshot. The victim might as well be someone without a job, born into poverty, with a disability, belonging to some tribe or religion hated by others, or just an ordinary citizen in the wrong place. As soon as someone moves to pull the bullies off they become the object of everyone’s anger. Meanwhile of course someone launching an attack on a person weaker than them is usually accorded some heroic status – in the world of politics.

I have seen too much in my life of politicians acting out of vanity, corrupted by those who helped them to power, lying, stealing and hiding their evil intentions behind smokescreens. Very rarely have I come across a politician who maintained any right to respect over their lifetime in politics. But there is one* who is my age and I note has been demonised more than any other I have ever known, treated mercilessly by a lying press, undermined by his own party and consistently attacked by his peers for being honest and trying to make peace or pull the bullies off. Which is all I have to write about today.

Politics – an illusion that hides the evil in our world.

  • or even 3!




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