The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 21 – 12 June 2017 – rattuos

Power. It is one of the main reasons that people take an interest in the occult. It is one of the most illusory of forms and we need to understand it before we seek it.

I suppose we should go back in time to when a physically strong person had the advantage over weaker creatures but we soon find that brain power is able to assert itself and brawn finds itself looking for work as a bodyguard.

Then something happens about 2500 years ago and the world finds itself suffering with gold fever as this shiny metal becomes an item that can be traded for almost anything. We need to be exceptionally rich to discover that it does not in fact buy the things we really want, it does not make us loved or respected, never mind happy and usually makes people rather anxious. Money is not real power but is a potent and toxic substance.

We will also encounter the power of others over us in life with addiction almost topping the list. Habit and addiction control more people on this planet than any government.

Inevitably as we search for someone who has the kind of power we start to look at the founders of the great religions. Surely we think these people have real power, the kind of power that gets them the things that really count. It is a fact that gurus have great power over their disciples but if you ask them about this power you will find that they are very uncomfortable about it. It is as though they are carrying all these people on their journey, slowed down by them and as often as not suffering for them or paying for some of the awful things they do in the name of their guru. Imagine being responsible for burning a person alive. It is still happening.

But this does bring up the subject of ‘empowerment’ which in Buddhist terms is the translation of a process of passing on knowledge, something that many claim to be power. We nay as well have a look at that:

An empowerment is a ritual in Vajrayana which initiates a student into a particular tantric deity practice. The Tibetan word for this is wang (Skt. abhiṣeka; Tib. དབང་, wang; Wyl. dbang), which literally translates to power. The Sanskrit term for this is abhiseka which literally translates to sprinkling or bathing or anointing. A tantric practice is not considered effective or as effective until a qualified master has transmitted the corresponding power of the practice directly to the student. This may also refer to introducing the student to the mandala of the deity.

There are three requirements before a student may begin a practice:

the empowerment (Tibetan: wang)

a reading of the text by an authorized holder of the practice (Tibetan: lung)

instruction on how to perform the practice or rituals (Tibetan: tri).

An individual is not allowed to engage in a deity practice without the empowerment for that practice. The details of an empowerment ritual are often kept secret as are the specific rituals involved in the deity practice…..” Wikipedia

We may not be much the wiser from that but secrets are often considered to be powers. For example be alleged that the Freemasons had a secret, the name of God. Many tribes have had such a secret passed across at rituals. This one:

Jahbulon (or Jabulon) is a word which was allegedly used historically in some rituals of Royal Arch Masonry, and derivations thereof.

There has been much debate over the origin and meaning of this word. There is no consensus even among Masonic researchers as to its meaning or legitimacy: one Masonic scholar alleges that the word first appeared in an early 18th-century Royal Arch ritual as the name of an allegorical explorer searching for the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple. Another Masonic scholar believes it is a descriptive name for God in Hebrew; The most common masonic explanation is that it is a word derived from combining parts of the name of God in different historic languages.

Non-Masonic authors, especially those with an anti-masonic attitude, have alleged that it is a Masonic name for God, and even the name of a unique “Masonic God”, despite repeated statements by Freemasonry’s officials that “There is no separate Masonic God”, nor a separate proper name for a deity in any branch of Freemasonry. It is this interpretation of a “Masonic God” that has led to debates about and condemnation of Freemasonry by several religious groups. In England, no ritual containing the name has been in official Masonic use since February 1989.…” Wikipedia

Knowing the secret name of God was supposed to empower people as they could then ask for favours directly.

Some power exacts a terrible price. Alexander the Great is the classic example of a powerful man, the most powerful person on the planet in a very long time but he died at 32 and found himself answering for the genocides he inflicted on populations that stood against him. Others marvelled at him but his position was not one to envy, nor any dictator. In many ways he was powerless.

Often we feel powerless in the face of events. Canute the king demonstrated his powerlessness in the face of an incoming tide. Some of us are controlling and some are not but can we really think that bullying others is helpful either to us or to them? However throughout our lives we are faced by this dilemma, oh that we had power and could change things. Even presidents and prime ministers do not really have ‘power’ even if the term is applied to them. They may direct things and order things but the power, for example of an air force and its bombs, that is something else. To us although it seems as though that is their power we are beginning to realise that whatever that power is controls the presidents rather than the other way round. People elect governments and empower them but where is the power? Governments can pass laws and appoint officers to uphold those laws but where is the actual power? Is it the power of the people or those elected or the officers appointed? Are the inanimate laws the power?

This is the point. We have created these ‘beasts’ which is to say inanimate things that nevertheless exist and are powers. Corporations are one form, laws another, religions and monarchies another. There will be a person fronting them or the ‘head’ but they can be changed. This beast is becoming ever more powerful in our world. It can destroy our climate, cut down our forests, employ or fire us, heal or make us ill. Gradually we are seeing a transfer of power from human to robot or beast. We are also seeing how they control our governments, how their ’lobbies’ override the electorate in government decisions. Again we see the limitations of this power. It is often self destructive.

Conversely we might note how ’patience’ is also a power. But the greatest power of all is foresight which we find in clairvoyance and enlightenment. Knowing what will happen allows one to prepare and for Ancient Egypt allowed the foundations of our cultures to be set in stone rather than sand. I wrote here this month about the spirits from Egypt and elsewhere coming to a perfect pyramid in South West England in 1971. Which resulted in Tutankhamun visiting London and New York that year and after many odd things happening to me and probably many others my finding myself in what was called an Egypt night some years later. But what happened to Egypt after that? It laid its foundation which it called the Benben, itself perfect pyramid albeit somewhat smaller than ours which was a lot smaller than the Great Pyramid on which it was based.

Benben was the mound that arose from the primordial waters Nu upon which the creator god Atum settled in the creation story of the Heliopolitan form of Ancient Egyptian religion. The Benben stone (also known as a pyramidion) is the top stone of the Egyptian pyramid. It is also related to the Obelisk

In the Pyramid Texts, e.g. Utterances 587 and 600, Atum himself is at times referred to as “mound”. It was said to have turned into a small pyramid, located in Heliopolis (Egyptian: Annu or Iunu), within which Atum was said to dwell. Other cities developed their own myths of the primeval mound. At Memphis the god Tatenen, an earth god and the origin of all things in the shape of food and viands, divine offers, all good things was the personification of the primeval mound.

The Benben stone, named after the mound, was a sacred stone in the temple of Ra at Heliopolis (Egyptian: Annu or Iunu). It was the location on which the first rays of the sun fell. It is thought to have been the prototype for later obelisks, and the capstones of the great pyramids were based on its design. The capstone or the tip of the pyramid is also called pyramidion. In ancient Egypt, these were probably gilded, so they shone in sunlight.

The pyramidion is also called ‘Benben stone’. Many such Benben stones, often carved with images and inscriptions, are found in museums around the world.

The phoenix, the bennu bird, was venerated at Heliopolis, where it was said to be living on the Benben or on the holy willow.

According to Barry Kemp the connection between the benben, the phoenix, and the sun may well have been based on alliteration: the rising, weben, of the sun sending its rays towards the benben, on which the benu bird lives. Utterance 600, § 1652 of the Pyramid Texts speaks of Atum as you rose up, as the benben, in the Mansion of the Benu in Heliopolis.

Historical development

From the earliest times, the portrayal of Benben was stylised in two ways; the first was as a pointed, pyramidal form, which was probably the model for pyramids and obelisks. The other form was round-topped; this was probably the origin of Benben as a free standing votive object, and an object of veneration.

During the 5th Dynasty, the portrayal of benben was formalized as a squat obelisk. Later, during the Middle Kingdom, this became a long, thin obelisk.

In the Amarna period tomb of Panehesy, the benben is seen as a large, round-topped stela standing on a raised platform.”

You can see some fine examples of the benben on that site. The name may well in fact mean ‘son of the son’ (ben/bin means son) which is exactly what this foresight was, the ancestors learning from their descendants. In India we may note the rounded top columns or linguams of Shiva, pyramids in South America and elsewhere. But you can have this in your own life if you will contact your older self, the one at the end of your life who can help you so much, more than any other power.

I noticed just now that I have already written here on ‘power’ so mostly for my own interest am including that again:

A look again at the powers. We live in a world of illusion and the powers we think we see are often not powers at all so it is worth looking how the real powers work.

We can start with an extra planetary force – the sun. We know it is life giving and enables us to survive. It seems to be an accident of nature, another power. That is to say if we found another planet with water a similar distance from a similar sun perhaps at a certain time in its evolution we may find life as we know it. We do not credit our sun with intelligence even though it has been worshipped as God since the earliest times and only now a discredited few are beginning to realise that our planet may be intelligent, something the ancients all knew. The sun, earth and nature are three of the real major powers that control us. And they are extremely intelligent but to our eyes work very slowly. We cannot see some things that we know happen in our short lifetimes, like mountains being pushed up by tectonic plates, we just see the gradual result and the occasional earthquakes. But that is a huge power. In a sense we are beginning to use the mighty power of wind, tide (one of the moons powers) and solar energy but they are hidden, which is to say occult and we do not talk to them or call them gods.

Another huge hidden power is the afterlife. Up here we have the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists in its nice Georgian building. It is 150 years old this year and still going strong. But almost no one in Glasgow really accepts that there is any possible contact with the afterlife. Those that do may well attend such a church and keep the evidence to themselves. Not only is it possible but we the living are certainly subject to it or will be. However as with many other powers the afterlife moves slowly and is hidden and we do not usually meet it until we die, or until those close to us do.

Then there are the universal forces that we call truth and justice or dharma and karma. In our somewhat unreal and illusory world we can only really imagine them or think of them as concepts and not the vast overriding powers that they are. Although they move slowly they mercilessly destroy our lies and illusion as one day we will witness for ourselves. The part of us that will testify against us when we die is their representative in us. That tiny part of us that is actually real.

Numbers and even colours are powers but I do not intend to go into those structures here now. They are wavelengths which we perceive in a somewhat illusory way. As far as Nature is concerned we are unnatural and increasingly dangerous. We would be silly (we are) to think we can win our war with nature but we are certainly waging an almighty battle with a system that supports us. It is like those dreadful auto-immune diseases that so many of us suffer and which leave a trail of havoc and death in their wake. Patently obvious to some of us but quite hidden from so many scientists waging the war on our behalf. Nature also moves slowly as we can see in the history of evolution, but it adapts to meet the challenges it faces to its survival.

We know a bit about the power of the atom, or that energy imprisoned in this smallest thing which we could call the monad. That classic motto of Thoth – as above so below comes to mind when we look at these tiny things as so much is represented in the atomic structures that exists in the universe as a whole. We also know now much about that DNA structure on which life is built. We have no sooner found it than are changing it. As soon as we discovered nuclear power we decided to use that too. Both are or may be adapted for war. These are mighty powers which may not take kindly to the use we have in mind for them. But some humans delight in slavery of all kinds. They feel that everything should serve the human who should not serve any other interest except what we call God. We have enslaved nations, animals and now our genes. But this is an un-winnable war.

You need to do your own research on this next one but its power is self evident. It is also about wavelengths and harnessing them and has a fascinating history in the human. In its early human form we see drums. Nature of course uses it in birdsong, and whales sing, even wolves sing. Many species use it. Apollo had a contest with Pan over it, his stringed instrument against Pans wind driven pipes. There is even an occult phenomenon they name after it – the music of the spheres as it is assumed to exist at planetary level. As space is a vacuum that insulates and contains sound, it does not allow planets to sing to each other in any audible way but most of us have experienced music through radio waves. We use this power in many ways, increasingly subliminally. It sells things to us, comforts and excites us. Nations have anthems. For quite a few generations it has wielded great influence on us, especially our young. One of its powers is in repetition.

Personality or charisma is another power we are aware of and not only in the human. Some have learned how to harness that too and it has at times been used against humans by those who exude it. Hypnosis is found here and if you know anything about that you will understand how those who are hypnotised do not know it. This is one way that enables illusion to be so powerful as the hypnotised cannot see through the illusion that is put around them. We must not think we are immune to this power as we are not.

Writing is a power in itself too, if much abused and used to indoctrinate at times. It has recorded history and inspired humanity since its creation just over 5000 years ago. Amous passage in the bible states that in the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. That sentence alone has had great power and some truth.

There is a power in knowledge, brute force, attraction, food, drugs and so many other things we find in our daily lives yet seldom question as they exert their influence over us. The media is powerful, the internet………………

We also have our laws, police forces, armies, governments, treaties, cultures, customs, superstitions. All are powers set over us in one way or another and should be seen for what they are. We tend to be powerless in the face of all of that if we are unaware of this. It is a great illusion that we are masters of our own lives and destinies. We could be perhaps if we knew what was happening to us, if we were not blind and opened our eyes.

Most of the powers we think control our world are just as blind as we are. The governments and intelligence agencies are just as gullible and that is the biggest problem for us, they must open their eyes fast and indeed first or we will follow them into chaos, which incidentally is another mighty power. All the powers are subject to what we call karma, which is really just the consequence of any action and its inevitable reaction. If the action is planting a seed then the result is a crop, but a crop of what?

Much of our species immune system was compromised long ago when a particular parasite entered our systems and took partial control. The toxoplasmosis parasite governs the behaviour of the creature it enters to make it a prey for the intermediate host that allows it to multiply. The mouse which harbours this tiny worm therefore finds itself quite unnaturally attracted to cat urine, and as a result is caught by the cat which consumes both the mouse and the parasite. In the cats gut this parasite finds a climate suitable to reproduce, shedding eggs into the grass where the cycle can be repeated when the mouse eats the faeces or whatever eats the eggs. Scientists now know that affected humans (a huge percentage of us – over 80% in France) are more likely to crash their cars. It seems possible that it causes us to dangerous places like the mice – wars perhaps. Or perhaps this is why we have become a species so dependent on eating meat and even undercooking it so that the parasite survives and we consume it.

The human often fears small creatures like bees. They have amazing power for their size and we rely on them to pollinate our crops. But the tiny mosquitoes kill many, many people and are much more to be feared now because of the even smaller parasites they carry – malaria, zika and others. Midges have started transmitting a terrible disease in animals causing them to produce deformed offspring or to abort. The consequences may be the decimating of our herds and flocks as it is a new disease called Schmallenberg and spreading fast. We seem to have many enemies including our own science. Nature of course seems to punish overpopulation in any species with disease, starvation and predators. Perhaps the human population explosion is the power that is causing us so many problems at this level. Balance is another great power which enables much to happen that cannot without it. We can see that when we rise a bicycle. I suppose we can see it in what we call bank balances too. When we lose our balance we fall.

As a sufferer of a couple of autoimmune diseases I am very aware of the power of a normally functioning immune system and the power of whatever virus or poison can cause it to wage war with its host. In our bodies our hearts are the most incredible power but brain power is quite as stunning and potent. Again it is when something goes wrong that we begin to realise the powers on which we depend and pay so little heed to when they are working well.

Small incidents can have massive repercussions. Although not all historians agree on this it serves to illustrate the point. In WW1 it was the assassination of the Archduke, a minor noble in reality which was the spark that started something massive – Europe fighting itself and destroying itself. In more recent history there have also been sparks, protests perhaps, which caused civil wars. Fire is a huge power as are all the elements. But sparks like atoms seem to have the power to start things so much greater than themselves.

Emotions can rule us too. Look at jealousy A person becomes so suspicious of their partner that no amount of reason will prevail. Their behaviour makes the partner despise them. Jealousy kills and is very destructive to relationships. Where does it come from? No one would say it is a parasite but in occult terms it is. Unfortunately we live in a world where the occult cause of war is ignored. We fight fire with fire in our wars, not with a dampening down that extinguishes them. Patriotism is invoked, nationalism, religious bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, even media which has become such a power in the last hundred years or so.

Science or knowledge seems to be a two edged sword for us. It can instruct and heal us, build and feed us safely. But it can also tear our world apart for us and destroy every species. If however our eyes are open to all of these powers and we can warn of the perils that face humanity then enlightenment may be the only power that can save us from the others. The infected mouse does not want to die but the parasite urges it to visit the place which is frequented by cats, and indeed not to fear the cat. I often think that the human has begun behaving in this way too. We seem to be drifting towards major conflict and not fearing it.



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