The Clairvoyant & Enlightened Times

Issue 23 – 15 June 2017 – rattuos

There is nothing wrong with being a specialist. My teachers were specialists, Rolf was a specialist, doctors are specialists, Buddhist lamas, spiritualists, almost everyone you can think of specialises in some subject. But if you wish to be enlightened, genuinely enlightened, you need to master much more. It appears that we do not have enough time in one lifetime but in fact we do, to achieve this in just one lifetime. If you specialise you will not achieve it in a thousand life times although you will acquire much knowledge and expertise. So while I yet live I will try to explain how it is done. What you can read here is merely the fruit of a garden of thought, some kind of explanation for the material and spiritual worlds, for truth and the deceptions that surround it – perhaps to protect it.

First of all you will need your entire life and everything attached to it from birth until enlightenment or death. It is the one thing that actually belongs to you and you alone can give that to the work ahead of you should that really be what you wish. You will suffer because that is what balances your life’s achievements. Growing is painful and enlightenment is extremely painful. Those who suggest it is not, that some form of meditation is all that is required, are merely surrounding the truth with a deception, keeping the hordes away.

I have introduced you to your ka or the concept of a spirit that arrived fully formed at your birth. It is a spirit and to exist here it needs a physical base and one it can trust. It will not trust you until you have passed every test. For many years it would tell me I was not ready and it was very frustrating. But then I failed many tests it put before me. I must point out that it is not some alien, it is you and will use you whether you pass its tests or not. But you will not be your ka if you fail.

Reading this is just one of the ka’s tests for you. Every time you read the word ka or indeed spirit you are entering its territory and will be tested. It will not pass you for believing anything because ‘belief’ is one of the great deceptions in our world keeping believers away from truth and knowledge, tying them to fantasy. But it will immediately have noted your reactions – your annoyance, dismissal, contempt, gullibility, whatever reading a few lines about it has brought up in you. Here it is trying to make contact and yet again it may note that it is still impossible.

When you do eventually connect, as some of you almost certainly have, then it is possible to dedicate your entire life to your work – if you have realised what that work is and what it is not. But it will not be some speciality. Look at gardening for example and apply that to our entire universe and its dimensions. You can read the gardening books, work at it, study under gardeners, get up at the crack of dawn and retire exhausted every day after your labours, but none of that will equate with having ‘green fingers’. And in a universal sense that is what you must have, that is what your enlightenment is.

I will let you get on with it. You need to spend time together for which you will need every ounce of clairvoyance you can muster.



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