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Issue 28 – 4 July 2017 – rattuos

I can see these healing rules are not very popular – never mind just one more to go. This one is the rule of fighting like with like. Some illnesses descend upon us very fast – flu is one. Within hours of being infected we are feeling ill. There needs to be a fast reaction to this too. But some illnesses creep up on us over years. Arthritis is one of these and there needs to be a steady remedy too even if the temptation is to seek some steroid injection. It wont work and pain killers will only camouflage the disease.

I was fortunate enough to come across a book years ago by Jan de Vries. At the time I was suffering with an auto immune disease and the two major forms of arthritis. All of these had taken years to take their toll and by the time we see our doctors we already have joint disfigurements or a serious blood disorder. I will come to Jan de Vries next as he is very important but his little book recommended evening primrose oil for my arthritis and explained I would need to take it for years. I did and gradually the arthritic symptoms receded.

Some years later I discovered that he was running a clinic in my home town of Glasgow. I had just suffered a stroke, had been plagued with migraines since childhood and also the horrendous pain of ‘suicide heads’ as they are called – cluster headaches. Jan was wonderful. He looked at the irises of my eyes, listened to my list and prescribed Migrane-Echtroplex, a potion of which I was required to take 15 drops a day. The migraines disappeared along with the cluster headaches. This is homeopathic. I have no doubt that it worked for me as I have since been migraine free for 5 years, having had at least one a month sometimes many for 50 years. The following obituary does not say much but hidden masters never go out with much of a splash, just enough for others to recognise them

Jan de Vries:

“Born: 26 January, 1937, in Kampen, Holland. Died: 7 July, 2015, in Holland, aged 78. The renowned Dr Jan de Vries was one of the most eminent naturopaths – practising the science of alternative medicine employing a wide array of natural treatments, including homeopathy, herbalism, and acupuncture. He gained a worldwide reputation for his remedial counselling and his methods of treatment were followed by politicians, film stars, sports personalities and members of the royal family. He was a leader and a pioneer in alternative medicine who helped many through his clinics in Troon, Edinburgh, Glasgow and south-west Scotland. De Vries became a close friend and medical adviser to the television presenter Gloria Hunniford and her daughter Caron Keating, who died from cancer in 2004. In 2002 Hunniford and De Vries co-wrote a bestseller – Feel Fabulous at Fifty. She paid tribute to his work yesterday: “Jan became part of our family structure. He was just kind – seriously kind and compassionate.“ He was so hands-on with Caron and he used to go and see her when she was going through the middle stages of cancer. He was a wonderful man with his time and spirit.” De Vries was the son of a cigar maker and was brought up by his mother after his father and older brother were deported by the Nazis. His mother courageously worked for the Dutch resistance and provided refuge for many escapees. He admired her tremendously. “She was something special,” he said. He was brought up in war-torn Holland and when an RAF plane was shot down in his village he was made responsible for the burial of the navigator. Bodies were dragged out of the plane which had crash landed in the River Issel. De Vries tended the navigator’s grave. Years later the navigator’s family from Scotland visited the grave and asked him to stay with them in Scotland. When he did so he sat next to a delightful young lady called Joyce. “That lady,” de Vries always recalled, “is now my wife and has been for more than 45 years. We suffered a lot in the war but that was one of the benefits that came out of it.” De Vries studied pharmacology at Amsterdam University, graduating in 1958. He recalled in his autobiography how he attended a lecture on complementary medicine with some misgivings. “Homeopathy,” he wrote, “was good for spinsters and old wives.” He recorded that a colleague told him he had a small mind. That man was Alfred Vogel, a noted Swiss doctor who specialised in homeopathic medicine and, in time, De Vries became his most ardent supporter. De Vries continued his studies of acupuncture in China, where he also researched into the manner of breathing and plant medicine. He worked with Vogel in his clinic in Teufen, Switzerland and studied osteopathy in Germany. He carried out research into insomnia throughout his career and remained enthusiastic about the power lavender possesses in helping insomniacs to sleep. “Just put a few sprigs on your pillow at night,” he advocated. In the late 1960s de Vries and Vogel opened a series of homeopathic pharmacies in Holland and in 1970 his wife inherited Mokoia, a property in Troon. The family settled in Ayrshire and he centred his company, Bioforce UK, in Scotland. Later he set up the non-residential clinic at Auchenkyle, Southwood Road, Troon. De Vries wrote widely on the subject of complementary health and campaigned for it to be more widely recognised. He repeatedly stated that herbal medicine has no side effects and that “so much can be done without drugs”. His most recent book was on cancers that affect women. De Vries was adamant that “it is important to talk about cancer. It had a lot to do with what you eat and drink.” He argued that as the stresses in everyday life increase it was important that people eat fruit and vegetables and take exercise. “Physical and emotional trauma exacerbate cancer,” he suggested. He put a great deal of work into several projects which have brought alternative medicine and orthodox medicine closer. De Vries believed that a combination of the two methods of medicine would be of great benefit to those suffering from debilitating illnesses. De Vries was a keen golfer and an enthusiastic organic gardener. He was a most gracious and courteous man whose resonantly Dutch accent was peppered with delightful Scottish inflexions and phrases. He is survived by his wife and four daughters.”

Read more at:

What the above does not say is that Jan was diabetic:

“De Vries’s approach was that complementary medicine could and should work alongside orthodox approaches. “I would not say you can do without orthodox medicine, I don’t believe that,” he said. “It has a great big role to play.” De Vries himself lived by that philosophy – he was a diabetic and managed his condition with complementary medicine and by visiting a diabetic consultant.”

The enlightened mostly suffer with diseases and do not live the longest of lives.

Anyway the fourth rule is about treating some ailments swiftly – antibiotics for example are needed fast as is snake venom antidote or malarial treatment. But many ailments need something more akin to the Egyptian way of erecting their huge obelisks and monuments that took many years of painstaking labour. Cleopatra’s needle as it is erroneously called was quarried in 1450BC froma single slab of granite weighing 250 tons and 23 metres in length. It was cut with many small holes drilled into the rock into which wedges were placed, which wedges were wetted so that they would expand and gradually a crack appeared in the bedrock. When eventually painstakingly removed lest it fracture it was sailed hundreds of miles down the Nile. The cutting, polishing and inscribing took many years too. It was made for the Pharaoh Tuthmosis 111. Similar obeslisks stand in Paris (250 tons), New York (187 tons) the Vatican (333 tons) and another in Rome (455 tons), some others in Poland (lent by Germany) and Turkey, a few still in Egypt and a smaller one in Israel albeit made for different pharaohs. An extraordinary achievement for the Ancient Egyptians to have put these in our modern capitals and we might wonder what they do, if anything. Remember that a mustard seed can split concrete. This is how we can fight the dreadful diseases that we suffer, using every means to hand and working ceaselessly and carefully to heal them. So do not always expect immediate results. Herbs are often a slow and very gentle way of turning the tide against major diseases but we live in an instant age. Our skyscrapers appear overnight. Our coffee is best when slow roasted, carefully ground and brewed with water at about 96 degrees (boiling water changes the chemical balance) but we live in an age where expect things fast. Things built slowly often last longer.

Another healing suggested by Jan De Vries relates to fibroids. These are non malignant tumours affecting women which as he pointed out can now be treated with laser although it also destroys the lining of the uterus making pregnancy impossible. Many women have a hysterectomy for this condition. But Vogel who trained De Vries had suggested to him trying two herbal supplements – mistletoe and butterbur. De Vries advocated trying these first along with Vitamin C and Evening Primrose oil as he found that this combination shrank the tumours. However although this was seen to be the case in 1991 the sale of the preparation made by De Vries was banned. Reading about this is startling to say the least:

We have a problem in our world and it starts by not knowing who to trust on such matters. Sadly there are very few healers like De Vries who are willing to work with various strands of medicine to obtain the best results. We have to trust our doctors but they tend not to trust many complementary treatments. Near me is a veterinary surgery that uses homeopathy and acupuncture along with conventional medicine and surgery. But articles written by other vets and scientists have been published damning these alternative treatments. In one I read recently how hyperthyroid cats were treated with a homeopathic remedy for three weeks and then had to be given the usual prescription medicine. The clinical trial established that the homeopathic remedy did not work better than the placebo and ethical considerations meant that the cats were given the usual drug as fast as possible because it does work. That is quite understandable. I know I took it too but became allergic to it – it reduced my blood cell count and I developed Neutropenia (a rare side effect of the drug)  which is life threatening. I did not know then that there was a homeopathic remedy nor that some TCM Chinese herbalists also treat hyperthyroidism. Most people take the drug and then have surgery or radioactive iodine (like me) to destroy the thyroid after which they are dependent on taking thyroxine tablets daily for the rest of their lives because this is the vital chemical created by our thyroids. So this clinical trial interested me and if you are interested you can find it on the net in the Vet Record.

I am not a vet nor a scientist nor a doctor, not even a homeopath. Nevertheless it crosses my mind that one should not expect a homeopathic remedy to work in just three weeks. If the condition is too serious and advanced to warrant taking the time needed for a herbal or homeopathic cure to work then obviously we need to do something more drastic. But the science of sniping at other treatments is worrying especially those that take a long time to show results.

So there is the fourth rule of healing. I will not go on with this and will return to other subjects related to clairvoyance, enlightenment and Ancient Egypt but would point out that healing certainly does come into this and some hidden masters are healers.




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