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Issue 38 – 8 August 2017 – rattuos

New map of Universe’s dark matter

By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News

3 August 2017


…..In 1998, two teams of astronomers discovered the expansion of the Universe was accelerating, rather than slowing down, as the theory at the time suggested. Physicists speculated that the acceleration was caused by something they named dark energy.

Since then, observations have indicated that dark energy and dark matter together account for 96% of the Universe. The challenge has been to find ways of studying these invisible phenomena in detail…….

“The standard model of cosmology indicates that the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy. Wikipedia

It is not an new concept:

“The hypothesis of dark matter knows an elaborate history. In a talk given in 1884, Lord Kelvin estimated the number of dark bodies in the Milky Way galaxy from the observed velocity dispersion of the stars, the speed the stars were orbiting around the center of the galaxy, which he used to estimate the mass of the galaxy, which was different from the mass of stars which can be seen, and concluded that “many of our stars, perhaps a great majority of them, may be dark bodies.”

In 1906 Henri Poincaré in “The Milky Way and Theory of Gases” used “dark matter,” or “matière obscure” in French in discussing Kelvin’s work.

The first to suggest the existence of dark matter (using stellar velocities) was Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn in 1922. Fellow Dutchman and radio astronomy pioneer Jan Oort also hypothesized the existence of dark matter in 1932”


“In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. Dark energy is the most accepted hypothesis to explain the observations since the 1990s indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate…..

The word occult comes from the Latin which signifies something hidden or covered, the opposite of apocalypse meaning uncovered or revelation. Most of the universe is occult to us but so is much of our world.

Consider some mighty bridge. You can see it but you cannot see most of it – its designer and the vision, the team that built it, the plans, the materials used and where they were extracted, all the vehicles and people it has carried, in fact the energy that lies behind it. If you see a ruined bridge you see even less, like a burned out star or galaxy. But just because you cannot see it that does not mean it is not there. It is particularly true for us – we are hidden to others. Our minds work in an occult way.

As far as our world is concerned very little of how it functions is apparent, and much is deliberately hidden. We do not know who really runs it, nor what they are aiming for.

I am not a physicist. I recall experiments at school including the creation of a vacuum. That was achieved by pumping air out of a flask. Now one could consider the flask to be empty as a result but that is not quite the case. It is filled with negative energy. If you make a small hole in it that negative energy sucks in air very fast. One could argue that pressure outside the flask pumps air into it. The opposite is a puncture in a tyre pumped up with air to a positive energy. If that makes sense – both are filled with energy but one cannot be seen. Space is considered to be a vacuum although there are a few atoms and molecules in each cubic metre.

I will try to explain why I think this is relevant. It takes energy to make a vacuum on Earth and energy to pressurise a container as you will know if you have pumped up a tyre and felt the heat on the pump. But this is because one is at a lower pressure and one at a higher pressure than our planet. We exist in the middle zone and the reason we have any pressure is because we have an atmosphere kept here by gravity. Gravity is a major force in space and only by spotting that there is some invisible form of gravity pulling light and constellations one way or another have they concluded there is ‘dark’ matter and energy. It takes a huge amount of energy to create a lump big enough to exert gravity. But there is also another force. The universe is accelerating outwards as if from an explosion, the big bang that started this. That is pushing against any gravitational force. Light or radiation is another force but collectively these massive forces of light and gravity are a fraction of the ‘dark’ energy.

You can put yourself under pressure – to succeed in life for example. You

need energy to achieve this, even to be different and at a different pressure to those around you. If you want ‘enlightenment’ you need a vast amount of energy to counter the gravitational pull of your peers. Some of us use what might be called tantric energy which is very powerful and quite occult. You also need energy to see the hidden energy that runs our world, and which formed it. Just as scientists cannot see dark matter and dark energy nor can they understand or trust in clairvoyance. The fact that it obviously exists can be seen in the vast pull it has exerted. Every religion has resulted from it and every culture and empire has resulted from that. To deny the unseen force shows science to be in its infancy as the article a few days ago here on paradigm shift suggests. Science definitely does not see or understand 96% of what there is but our scientists think they do.

Many diseases are considered occult or hidden. Corruption is very often hidden too. Crime seldom advertises its presence. These days we have ‘nominee shareholders’. That means we do not know who really own the shares that run the corporations and appoint their managers. There are also layers of ‘front’ corporations which are allowed to own shares in other corporations. Certainly we know that organised crime is raking in a vast fortune every year. Over a billion just in tiny Scotland. This money has to be invested. But if you try to find an estimate of how much the crime syndicates now own you will not find the figure. It is hidden along with where it is and who controls it. Trillions. Unlike nations which mostly are in debt. People own the bonds that provide loans to our governments, but what people? Occult people.

But at the same time we have to understand that this is how the world operates and how it is supported. We might not like the idea and that is one reason it is not forced upon us but kept concealed. Criminals these days own many legitimate concerns too. And they are extremely powerful. The difference between what we call a criminal and a law abiding entity is that one breaks the law and one does not. But in many ways they make the laws. When the banks caused the last financial crash we bailed them out. The pundits on television never explain where all the money went but we are still paying for it. However had we not done this the world would have been bankrupted, trade would have ground to a halt, hospitals would have collapsed, teachers would not have been paid, there would have been no food in the shops. Then law and order would have been threatened and martial law invoked.

So an important lesson for us is what we see as stability. Here is a tyre that has been pressurised. It is a vast tyre and a massive amount of energy, much of it dark, has been used to make this. But it is vulnerable. One pin prick can let the air out and only a tiny amount of energy is required to puncture it. In our lives we can put all our energy into making us what we are but one mistake can ruin us. A criminal conviction for example. We lose our job, our freedom, our home and often our family, perhaps our life.

There is little point investigating the dark energy but we have to recognise that we are founded on it. The Roman Empire made our western world and many of its laws. Much about Rome was very impressive and ingenious, but it was also very corrupt. If we consider it a democracy we are deluding ourselves. But it did care for its citizens first, after caring for its aristocrats. It did this by enslaving entire populations and exploiting other nations. We might like to think we have changed but we have not changed very much. The basic structure of our civilization goes back to Ancient Egypt. That was very similar, as was Ancient Greece. This is the planet on which we must scrape a living. This is what it is like. If we have continuous peace, great health care, live longer, get enough food and water then we will over populate the planet in a very short time. We are doing that anyway. It sounds great to have peace and live longer but our fertility levels decrease sharply to compensate. Natural disaster then begins to threaten us. These things are all inter related. There may be alternatives but when you have a million aphids on one plant that plant dies. So does the planet, or at least for a while.

Dark energy includes ‘karma’. This is the greatest power of all along with reality but neither can be observed by scientists it seems. I am a child scientist. I did experiments as a child and remember them now. One was how fizzy drinks became flat in warm weather when not kept in a pressurised container. That is to say they went flat in a drinking glass but not in the bottle. If one heated them the gas (carbon dioxide) was immediately expelled. Our neighbours had a machine for making fizzy drinks and using this were able to push the gas from cartridges into the drink. Today I read that our excessive carbon dioxide emissions have been absorbed by the oceans making them fizzy, or a bit acidic. The fizzy drink is carbonic acid. But suddenly they find that the acidic oceans, which are dissolving shellfish at an alarming rate and killing the plankton on which we depend for half our oxygen, are now beginning to emit the carbon dioxide. No wonder – the oceans are warming. It is the opposite of the fizzy drink machine now and becoming the glass of pop going flat in the sun. May I point out that this vast transfer of dangerous gas (dangerous to animal life) is happening in an occult way. We merely see the effects – dying oceans and now the most alarming spike in CO2 ever seen here. This spike accompanied every mass extinction (5 of them) although it is bigger now. Our scientists cannot see the karma. But then they are not paid to. We have dug up most of our fossil fuels over the last couple of centuries, burned them along with much of our forest. Did we really think that would end well? What sort of scientists do we have advising our governments? Why have our governments withdrawn support for solar panels – we had a grant for installing them on our houses and a good price for selling the surplus electricity. Why do they turn off the wind power when the electric grid is full? Why dont they turn off the gas guzzling generators first? Why do they want to frack Europe rather than allow more wind farms? Why do they insist that nuclear energy is clean? The answers to these questions are arrived at in a hidden way. Dark energy indeed. Meanwhile our environmentalists who worry so about these things ‘appear’ to be deranged.

We can cope with a little corruption. We can cope with occasional wars and famine but if we have major nuclear wars we cannot cope. When our economic systems collapse we have famine in our cities. When corruption is the norm and is uncontrolled the economic system fails. In our own small lives if we borrow too much and cannot keep up the repayments we lose our homes. That happens on the grand scale too. We can print money, pretend we are able to pay back our creditors while borrowing more but one day it all collapses. Empires collapse. They depend on their armies but the armies depend on getting paid and ensuring that their families are safe. Armies often take over empires. Rome had a very strong rule that no army could cross the River Rubicon. That was to ensure that the army did not take over the city and its government. Julius Caesar however took his army over and became dictator in the eyes of the government. They killed him but it was too late. Then came a line of emperors, increasingly corrupt, and martial law. This is what happens at the end of empires. There is a natural law or process involved but not one we can see, only its effect.

The universe is the same. It is founded on certain principles. There is only so much energy, so much matter. A puncture in our atmosphere will see us lose it. That was what the ozone hole threatened some decades ago. Too much heat increases the pressure. Certain gases cause that to happen. The ice caps melt. They do this every now and then which results in a shrinking land mass and more floods. Stability is a balancing act and if you cannot see the principles that underpin this, if you have more pressing needs and cross the Rubicon to patch up a failing system – then chaos results. It often has and always will. You have to be able to see the problem.

In our tribes the father is usually the head of the family. When he is too old his son may take over and put him in an old person’s home. These men are not always the best people to rule the families. Some gamble away the household money, some drink and are violent and abusive. They may expect their wives and children to work to keep them. Their actions may lead to homelessness. If all goes well for a family they will see the children educated and cared for, there will be food in the cupboard, money saved for emergencies and even some enjoyment, happiness in the home. But less and less families find that to be the case. These men may cause neighbour disputes, or get into trouble with the law. It is a common failing for men overwhelmed with debt to lie to their families and even to walk out on them when all falls down. In my work with vulnerable families, homelessness and poverty I usually found that the whole nightmare could have been avoided. The same was true with abused children. Abuse can be prevented if it is visible but its effect is visible and yet still unseen because so many involved are in denial of the obvious. Well this is true of countries and empires too. Lies compound the problem and prevent any remedial actions in time. Men are weak! But so often I have found that the women allowed this all to happen, pretending to themselves that it would be all right in the end. Believed the lies in spite of the evidence of their own eyes. That seems to be the role of our massive media.

This is the world of dark energy. It has a vast effect but cannot be seen. What is seen though is what happens as a result of it. You need your eyes open about everything around you from the micro level to the heavens above you. Our world needs leaders who can see, who do not lie, who are prepared to take remedial action in time and who are not abusive and violent. But at the same time we have to cope with this ever expanding population which is unsustainable and is a major reason for all the problems crashing down on our heads. There is a theory now that we do not have enough children to look after our elderly and we need more! Many families think that the bigger the family the greater its income. the greater its potency. A big political worry is that we will not be able to pay the pensions of the old because not enough young people are there to do that. They are extending the retirement age and cutting pensions but what we are seeing is that our living longer carries a mighty cost. At the same time on our farms we are killing animals at a younger and younger age. People want to eat lamb not mutton. Cattle are killed younger, before they display any signs of disease. Many are too heavy now for their legs. So are many people. One of our problems is that nature has always relied on the survival of the fittest and breeding rights have always been reserved for the fittest. To humans now that seems cruel, but no more cruel that relying on the survival of the richest which causes empires to collapse. Or the breeding of the fattest cattle. Look at the dark energy and try to understand what is happening to us. If we change the structure we lose our stability. This is what has happened to every empire and great family.

Of course we can change but we need to be honest and watch carefully. This is how experiments are done, or used to be done. You try something on a small scale first. But for one reason or another (ie money) we are abandoning all caution in our haste. We are also abandoning many of the other species here, while our nations are abandoning many of the other nations and many in their own populations. That creates a dark energy that for us is destructive. It is karmic. Using that word immediately causes our scientific establishment to dismiss anything else associated with it. But in our ancient and longer lived empires fate was respected and great care taken to avoid problems with it. Experts were consulted on it all the time. Even so emperors eventually ignored it along with the warnings they received and took their empires over the cliff.

But really this is about you. We are modern humans and have a yawning gap where our ‘after death’ existence is concerned, our individual karmic bill and our enlightenment. This is the only level at which humanity can be saved. Just because we are being swept along a rushing river to the falls and are quite unable to do anything to prevent that does not mean that we should abandon all hope and do nothing. This is exactly when we need as many as possible to be aware and looking out for any means by which we can rescue our species and nature itself. We are capable of that if we work on ourselves and have understanding and compassion for the reasons that we are now in such peril. It is not something we can blame anyone for because the dark energy, that 95% we cannot see, is making this all happen at once and until we can see the reality, the whole picture all we can do is speed to our collective doom.

Enlightenment is possible, but it is unpopular and derided as a science. In fact it is the real science, the knowledge of what is hidden and governs us in life and death.



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  1. More than three months without an update, my feeling is that you are incapacitated or no longer with us?

    Thank you for kind words and stories from your life.



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